The top 5 players during the CSGO Major

The recent FACEIT London Major saw many different stories play out and many pros played like they’ve never played before.

In this article, we take a look back at the FACEIT Major to tell the stories of the five best performing players during the event.


©CSGO Faceit Major

#1 – dev1ce

First up, we have dev1ce. It really should come as no surprise that the star player for the FACEIT Major champions is the MVP of the event.

After a short absence earlier in the year, it’s incredible to see dev1ce back at the steering wheel.

dev1ce is the kind of player that constantly makes an impact every single round. You can always count on dev1ce to make the picks that turn the round in Astralis’ favor.

Despite dev1ce’s ability to make some incredible aggressive plays with the AWP, he had the mobility to stay out of danger. Dev1ce was the player to get the least deaths throughout the tournament.

#2 – electronic

Seeing a NaVi player on this list isn’t any surprise, but having electronic above S1mple is certainly going to catch some attention. NaVi played good Counter Strike throughout the tournament thanks to electronic’s consistent good play.

Whilst electronic may not have had as big of an impact in some games as S1mple did, across all games, including the ones where S1mple hit a slump, electronic was still there doing what he does best.

#3 – S1mple

If S1mple showed up in the grand final, this would have been an entirely different story.

Whilst S1mple showcased many of the kind of plays that only S1mple could in the FACEIT Major, he fell off during the grand final series against Astralis and NaVi paid heavily for it.

Even so, S1mple was still a formidable opponent for all teams during the Major, Astralis included.

#4 – Magisk

Magisk is the most recent addition to the Astralis crew and it has quite clearly been a great choice for the roster. Magisk has constantly showed up at events, proving his worth by getting incredibly important kills throughout many games.

Sometimes, Magisk doesn’t show up, but that’s only because he plays a very certain role, often holding important angles, and when the opportunity arises for Magisk to take advantage of them, he does it with spectacular results.

#5 – FalleN

After their spectacular reign in 2017, MIBR has had a difficult time recovering in 2018. However, now that YNk is on the team as a coach, changes and improvements are already noticeable.

One of the biggest changes that we witnessed during the FACEIT London Major is the performance of FalleN. Whilst watching MIBR’s games, it felt like I was watching the old FalleN again.

It’s clear that YNk knows FalleN is a clear component to MIBR’s success and the team are working to give FalleN the confidence and room he needs to make big things happen. FalleN certainly isn’t back at his peak but his recent performance was a very pleasant surprise.

I can’t wait to see how FalleN performs in future events.


That wraps up our look at the top 5 players during the FACEIT CSGO Major at London. Which players would you add to this list?