Flash Replaces TyLoo In Last Minute Boston Major Changes

If you haven’t clocked on yet, you may be in for a bit of a surprise when the Boston Major Challenger Stage starts this weekend. It’s been confirmed that TyLoo has dropped out of the event last minute and have been replaced by Asia Minor 3rd place runner up Flash Gaming.

From what we’ve seen so far, TyLoo has been China’s best hope so far in international CS:GO, but without their presence, Flash Gaming has some pretty big boots to fill. The reason for this sudden withdrawal from TyLoo is because the organization and Brazilian player peacemaker couldn’t come to terms for peacemaker coming in as a stand-in.

TyLoo were in a hurried state to get a stand-in player because Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand was unable to obtain his Visa for the United States. This resulted in TyLoo being forced to look for a stand-in last minute. Unfortunately, peacemaker, the stand-in they had hoped to pick up, didn’t agree to TyLoo’s terms.

Minute Boston Major Changes

In other news, Flash Gaming, the team to take TyLoo’s place, are also having a few issues. ELEAGUE requires that the five players to win the minor are the players that must also attend the major. Flash Gaming benched two players after the minor, so it means they’ll be forced to play with the previously benched players.

With Flash Gaming playing the last few months without the benched players, there’s going to be a lot of doubt aimed towards Flash and their ability to work together.

The lineup that will play in the Boston Major will be as follows:

  • YuLun “Summer” Cai
  • YuanZhang “AttackeR” Sheng
  • Andrew “kaze” Khong
  • QiFang “Karsa” Su
  • KunHua “LOVEYY” Bai
  • Zhenghui “z8z” Liu (coach)

Things aren’t looking too good for Flash Gaming right off of the bat, either. They’ll be going up against G2, certainly, one of the more challenging teams for Flash Gaming to face up against. Flash Gaming may be able to pull out a win or two later in the first stage, however. Teams like AVANGAR and Quantum Bellator Fire could be potential Flash victims if Flash can manage to get their old pre-bench team chemistry back together.

Eventually, though, Flash Gaming may fizzle out in the first stage. To move onto the next stage, teams must get at least three wins. With teams like Cloud9, Team Liquid, Mousesports, Navi, FlipSid3, and Misfits most likely to go up against Flash later in the first stage, it’s unlikely Flash will have the skill they need to pull out three wins. During 2017, TyLoo managed to drum up some hype for the Chinese scene breaking out into international CS:GO, so this latest news with Flash and TyLoo is a little unfortunate.


Whilst the ELEAGUE Boston Major may not be the breakthrough event for China, there are plenty more opportunities for these teams to get their chance to make an international name for themselves later in 2018. What are your thoughts on this new information? Should ELEAGUE have been more lenient with team changes after the minor? Do you think Flash has any chance to get some wins during the Challenger Stage starting January 12?