FURIA eliminated from StarLadder Major – What happened to the best Brazilian CSGO Team?

Whoever played StarLadder Berlin Major Pick’em is very angry right now. I think all of us had FURIA to advance through and we were expecting them to dominate most of their opponents here in Germany.

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So, what really happened on FURIA in this event? Was the competition too much for them to handle or did they simply underperform? Read more about it below.

FURIA eliminated from StarLadder


FURIA Played 4 matches at StarLadder Berlin Major

After their furious start against HellRaisers, I was expecting similar performance from them in the upcoming matches. However, it seems like that performance cost Brazilian everything.

After allowing HellRaisers to put only 6 rounds on the board, FURIA thought that they will advance easily. However, CR4ZY and forZe proved them wrong as they suffered two defeats in a row. Furthermore, we could have expected FURIA to lose these matches, but once they got matched against Syman, there were no excuses.

Once again, FURIA underestimated their opponents, and guess what happened. They won 16 rounds in total over the course of two maps. Syman sent them packing without breaking a sweat.

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What really happened to FURIA?

Let’s not forget the fact that FURIA was able to defeat prime Astralis, and that says a lot about their potential and fragging ability.

For some reason, one victory will pump their egos up and they will not take their opponents seriously anymore. We could clearly see that against forZe and CR4ZY. The same thing happened against Syman and it seems like FURIA will be out of top 10 after StarLadder Berlin Major ends.

It is definitely going to be interesting to see if FURIA will look for roster changes after this shameful exit from the second CSGO Major in 2019. We all know that MiBR is looking for a superstar, and who knows, maybe they can find it in KSCERATOO or yuurih.

All in all, something will definitely change in the near future for the best Brazilian CSGO team. We will be ready to cover any esports news.