Liquid is victorious once again – IEM Chicago recap

It seems like every recap in the last couple of months is having the same title. Liquid added another trophy to their cabinet, and they did it in style on IEM Chicago 2019. Below you can find more information about Liquid and their matches on this CSGO event.

Road to Victory

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best performances from Team Liquid in 2019. Out of 10 maps, North American CSGO squad won 9. Stick around for a short recap of all of their matches.



Liquid vs Envy

In their opening match, Liquid was paired against the worst team on IEM Chicago. Envy decided to pick Vertigo, and they were almost humiliated. After being 15-0 up at the halftime, Liquid lost the second pistol round. But they bounced right back as they sealed the first map with a 16-1 score.

Mirage was also very one-sided. This time around, Liquid dropped two rounds in the first half. All in all, Liquid sealed the deal on this best of 3 series with a 16-6 score on Mirage. A very strong start for EliGE and co.

G2 vs Liquid

Liquid only needed one more victory to qualify for the playoffs. To be honest, G2 looked poor in 2019, and I was not expecting Liquid to drop a map against the French CSGO team. Despite an excellent 6-1 start, Liquid simply didn’t show up on the CT-side of Dust 2. Eventually, G2 closed the first map with a 16-13 scoreline.

To be honest, that was all G2 did in this series. Liquid was not rattled and they bounced right back on their map pick, Overpass. However, G2 did make it competitive, but they were never close to winning Overpass.

Lastly, G2 had nothing left in the tank on Inferno. Once again Liquid assured their dominance in the first half as they grabbed a 13-2 lead. Even though G2 fought hard to bounce back, they were left with 9 rounds on Inferno.

Liquid vs Vitality(Semifinal)

Truth be told, alongside victory against Envy, this was another easy victory for Liquid. Firstly they completely stomped Vitality on Dust 2. Secondly, Vitality did not stand a chance against Liquid on Overpass. It is also important to mention that Twistzz was unreal on both maps as he topped the charts with 49 kills over the course of 2 maps.

ENCE vs Liquid(Grand final)

Since this was a best of 5 series, we were expecting a brawl between two top teams. Just like Liquid, ENCE dominated everyone on IEM Chicago 2019 and they were looking to steal this tournament from Liquid.

However, this is not what Liquid had in mind. Liquid picked first, and they opted-in for Overpass. Once again Liquid came close to a 16-0 victory, but somehow, ENCE was able to put two rounds on the board.

Now that Liquid won their map pick, it was time for Nuke. From my perspective, ENCE is one of the best teams on this map, and I expected much more from them. This time around, ENCE put an extra round on the board once compared to their Overpass performance. A 16-3 victory on Nuke propelled Liquid to the trophy.

Last but not least, Liquid picked Inferno. Despite acquiring double digits in the first half, North American roster was close to losing this map as ENCE stepped up on the T-side. All 30 rounds were played as Liquid edged out ENCE with a final score 16-14.