Most Expensive CS:GO Item – Manage Your Economy

The strategy of managing your economy in CS:GO is an underappreciated skill. There’s so much you must be aware of, from loss bonuses, the amount of util on each player, or even whether you need an eco round. That means being aware of the most expensive CS:GO items in various categories so that you can manage your economy perfectly.

most expensive cs:go item

Credit: LiMiT on YouTube

Most Expensive CS:GO Weapons


The most expensive CS:GO weapon might surprise you. It’s the M249, with a CS:GO price of $5200, making it the most expensive CS:GO item overall. That makes it a rare sight in public matches, with a high economic cost for your team if lost. It’s undoubtedly powerful, able to headshot armored enemies in one hit at close range. However, it has one of the craziest CS:GO spray patterns that make it difficult to use. When the much-more-accurate Negev is available for just $1700, most simply opt for the cheaper option.

SCAR-20 and G3SG1

Next in line is a tie between the SCAR-20 and G3SG1, the CT and T equivalent of the auto-sniper. These can be bought for a CS:GO price of $5000, and once again are rarely seen at high ranks. At Silver and Gold Nova, these weapons can be absolutely brutal. The rate-of-fire and damage combination can be too much for newer players to deal with, but experienced players are usually able to find a way to counter them.


The third and final most expensive CS:GO item is the AWP. The base for many of the most expensive CS:GO skins, the AWP has the highest skill ceiling in the game. At $4750, the weapon is an investment, so you won’t see this until a few rounds in. The AWP is the trademark of professionals like s1mple, m0NESY, and ZywOo, and is only useful in the hands of the best CS:GO players. Bonus points for players using the one-time most expensive skin in CS:GO, the AWP Dragon Lore.

Most Expensive Utils

Every round, managing your util economy is just as important as managing weapons. If you’re learning how to get better at CS:GO, it’ll be an important step for you.

The most expensive CS:GO item of util is the CT Incendiary Grenade. At $600, it can be the difference between having head armor or not, so there are decisions to be made. However, it’s the most useful piece of util, usually used to quell quick T-rushes. You’ll see this on Hut in Nuke, Stairs on Mirage, and Banana on Inferno as some notable uses. Its T-side equivalent, the Molotov, costs just $400, but has more limited use, with its usual purpose being to stop entries rather than help them.

Next up is another tie between the Smoke Grenade and HE Grenade at $300 each. Smokes are particularly useful on T-side when trying to find an entry onto a bomb site, and can also be used to stop Incendiary Grenades from burning you to a crisp. If you find a good one-way through a Smoke, you can win rounds solo with just a $300 investment.

HE Grenades are self-explanatory. You lob it, it explodes, and players die. They’re a great option in eco rounds, if the whole team buys a HE Grenade, and throws it toward the same spot. It’s a unique tactic, but it can buy you a free kill during difficult eco rounds.