Mousesports win Dremahack Open Tours 2019

Even though it took them a while, mousesports was able to defeat Valiance and lift the first trophy with their new line-up. Even though German CSGO organization looked shaky at the beginning, they were able to up their game and win DreamHack Open Tours 2019. Below you can find mousesports path to victory.


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How did mousesports win DreamHack Open Tours 2019?

Mousesports played a total of five matches throughout the entire DreamHack Open Tours 2019. They’ve only dropped one map in this event.

Mousesports vs Instinct

In their opening match, mousesports had no problems defeating  Instinct, a tier 3 French team that really is not on a level to compete against mousesports. From our perspective, the match was over before it started, despite Instinct grabbing a 3-0 lead. In the end, mousesports won this match with a final score, 16-4. Woxic was lethal in this match as he put 24 kills on the board over the course of 20 rounds. All in all, a very easy match for mousesports on Inferno.

Valiance vs mousesports

After advancing to the winner’s bracket, mousesports was matched against a very dangerous Valiance side. It feels like karrigan and co. underestimated Valiance, and they paid a heavy price. Even though mousesports kept it competitive on the T-side of Dust 2, they had no answer for the level of aggressiveness Valiance put on T-side. Final score, 16-6 in favor of Valiance and a wake-up call for mousesports.

Windigo vs mousesports

In the DreamHack Open Tours 2019 deciding match, mousesports faced off against Bulgarian CSGO team, Windigo. After the initial map picks, we thought that mousesports could run into problems on Overpass, but they proved us wrong.

Firstly they were able to put on a commanding performance on the CT-side of Overpass, and they did exactly the same on the T-side of Nuke, and we all know how hard it is to put 11 on the board on the T-side of Nuke. All in all, swift victory for mousesports. It is also important to mention that karrigan had an excellent series as he topped the charts with 44 kills over the course of two maps.

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AVANGAR vs mousesports, semi-finals

Despite having an extra day to prepare for this match, AVANGAR was stomped. Even though they are very capable of playing Train, they failed really hard against mousesports. To make things even worse, AVANGAR was also humiliated on their own map pick, Dust 2, where they have only won one round on the T-side.

Winning 15 rounds over the course of two maps is simply not enough for a team that was considered to be one of the top contenders on DreamHack Open Tours 2019. Guess who topped the charts again? Karrigan did!

Mousesports vs Valiance, grand final

There is no denying that mousesports wanted revenge for that Dust 2 match they lost in the opening stage of the tournament. This time around, Valiance opted in for Mirage instead of Dust 2. However, mousesports got the first pick and they’ve secured a 1-0 lead on Train.

We believe that this map could have gone either way, but mousesports was luckier in the final stages of the map. All in all, Valiance had a lot to do in order to turn things around.

Mousesports was always so dangerous on Mirage, and they proved that in this best-of-3 series. They were hurting Valiance economy basically every round as they’ve grabbed double digits in the first half. Even though Valiance tried hard to mount a comeback, they were unsuccessful and mousesports lifted DreamHack Open Tours 2019 trophy.