Ex-Cloud9 player n0thing to release course for aspiring pros

n0thing, an ex-player for the Cloud9 Counter Strike team, recently announced on Twitter that he will be releasing a course to help players looking to make it pro. A lot of the details, such as the course release date, haven’t yet been revealed, but we have gathered some information from his tweets to provide a better picture of what to expect below.

n0thing’s Pro Player Course

n0thing’s new pro player course is designed to help players learn some of the main elements of gameplay that are crucial for playing at a high level.

n0thing csgo course

Examples n0thing gave include guides for gun control mechanics, movement, positioning, and setting up your overall config to something you can be comfortable with. Some of the lessons in the course will also provide details on how you should be playing out rounds at a competitive level, taking an in-depth look at early, mid, and late round play. n0thing will also offer some important advice on the kind of mindset and philosophies you need to approach the competitive scene.

The lessons will be in video format and there will be over 35 videos for people to watch. n0thing hasn’t explained how much the course will cost, but he did say that it’ll be very affordable. He also said that he would still be uploading free content regularly and would still stream on Twitch.

n0thing later mentioned that he thinks that the lessons in his course will be good for anybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new player to CS:GO and want to make it pro, or already are in S Rank or the FPL Challenger league and still want more tips to improve your gameplay.

Once again, no release date has been given yet but n0thing said that the entire course should be ready within the next few weeks. With this in mind, it makes sense that the course will drop before the end of the year.

Will Buying Pro CS:GO Courses Help You Player Better?

If you’re curious about whether purchasing a pro CS:GO course will help you to get better at the game, there are two questions you need to ask yourself.


The first is, are you actually willing to put in the time and effort to absorb the information in such courses?

If so, the second question is – have you already learned everything you can from free content online? There are already plenty of great tutorials and guides online for free from pro players like steel and FalleN.

n0thing’s guide will undoubtedly have useful information in it, but if you’re new to playing CS:GO competitively, make sure you research the material that is already available online for free.

The good thing about n0thing’s course, however, is that it sounds like it’ll be played out in a linear fashion. You could progress through the videos one by one and at the end of it, you’d have a very structurally sound idea of how to play Counter Strike at a high level.

What are your thoughts on n0thing’s upcoming pro CS:GO course?