Natus Vincere on the verge of signing Boombl4

After a series of bad results, Natus Vincere finally decided that it was a time to mix things up and make a roster change. Take note that their last roster shuffle occurred over 18 months ago, and some of the players definitely got fed up with bad results and lack of trophies.

Who is Boombl4?

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov is a Russian youngster who made a name of himself on the ELEAGUE CS:GO Major in Boston. At that time, Kiril was representing Quantum Bellator Fire, and Boombl4 was the main reason why this Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team made it to the Major playoffs.


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Given the fact that Boombl4 is only 20, he still has a long way to go in order to fill Edward’s shoes on Natus Vincere. This basically means that this could turn out to be an excellent move from Natus Vincere, but it can also backfire massively.

It is also important to mention that Boobml4’s natural role is based around in-game leading and also rifling. We all know that Kiril is an excellent rifler and he can definitely be even better one now that he will not have to in-game lead anymore.

After Quantum Bellator Fire saga, Boombl4 was finally able to land in a decent team where he helped them achieve solid results on the CIS professional scene. Excellent performance on Winstrike definitely got Natus Vincere’s attention, and as you can see, Kiril is on the verge of signing a contract of his life.

What is Boombl4 bringing to the table?

As we mentioned above, Boombl4 was always an in-game leader, but this is going to change now. I believe that he has the ability to be an excellent anchor player as he has everything a solid anchor player should have.

It all starts with consistency and this is where Kiril thrives. You will barely see him dropping 30+ kills, but he will always average around 20 frags. Furthermore, his ability to multi frag is insane, and we all saw that on ELEAGUE CS:GO Major Boston where he played out of his mind. On top of all of that, Boombl4 is also an intelligent player who is well aware of what are his options and what decisions should he make.

All in all, Natus Vincere should definitely get an upgrade when it comes to firepower, but now they will lack experience. It is definitely going to be interesting to see how will Boombl4 adapt to Natus Vincere playstyle and how will he cope with s1mple.

What is Natus Vincere getting from this roster change?

In my personal opinion, Natus Vincere is definitely getting an upgrade. Let’s face it, Edward was an excellent player, but he is well past his prime and you can clearly see that he struggles against young guns, as his mechanics are not on a high level.

However, this could also be a huge mistake as we simply do not know what is Natus Vincere losing by letting Edward go. This could seriously ruin this CSGO roster or it could skyrocket them to that #1 spot. All in all, it will be interesting to see how will things pan out.