Big new CS:GO balance update released

Valve has just pushed out a brand new CS:GO balance update that makes some big changes to the economy of the pistol rounds in competitive play. The changes could potentially make a huge impact on the flow of gameplay in professional Counter Strike games. So far, we’re not sure if third party organizers like ESEA and FACEIT will adopt the new changes, but Valve’s future Major events are sure to support the changes. Here is a look at what new changes have been brought to CS:GO.

New CS:GO Pistol Round Economy Changes – Full Overview

In CS:GO, teams are given extra money if they lose more rounds in a row. This is an economy bonus designed to help losing teams have a chance to fight their way back into the game. With the new update, each team will start the pistol round with a +1 round loss bonus. This means that if they lose the pistol round, they’ll have a +2 bonus instead of a +1 bonus. The first round money will be the same, but the losing team will get $1900 per player instead of $1400.


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If the team loses a second round, they will then be rewarded $2400 per player on round three instead of $1900. The difference in money with the new changes would be an additional $1000 per player after two losses after the pistol round. This could make a huge difference in competitive play. In the current meta, you cannot pull together enough funds to get a good buy in until round four if you lose the first three rounds of a half. With these changes, teams could now afford a full buy on round three. This could mean that teams would stop forcing after lost pistol rounds and would be more conservative with their money so that they can get a good buy in as soon as possible. For best of one games where a team wins both pistol rounds, this could potentially help to give more of a chance to the losing team.

Besides these economy changes, the pistols have also been adjusted. The CZ-75 now has increased recoil and fire inaccuracy, but slightly better accuracy recovery rate. This is essentially a nerf to the CZ so that it’s not such a strong contender against SMGs, especially at longer distances. The Tec-9 has also had a slight buff with better fire accuracy and accuracy recovery rate. Hopefully, it’s not enough of a buff to make it as strong as it was before, but it should mean that the Tec-9 is a viable option again.

The final changes as far as balancing goes is an adjustment to the price of the SG-553 and the AUG. The SG is now $2750 and the AUG is $3150. This puts both scoped rifles almost in line with both the M4 and the AK.


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In another surprise move, Valve has added the map Austria to competitive matchmaking. This is a community made bomb defusal map created by Radix that we previously saw in the Operation Hydra map pool. Canals has been removed from competitive matchmaking as well.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Do you think the economy changes are a good move by Valve or are they a mistake?