4 CS:GO Pro Teams To Watch Out For This Spring

If it’s exciting CS:GO matches you’re after, you will definitely want to keep an eye out for the CS:GO pro teams we’ve mentioned in this article.

4 CS:GO Pro Teams To Watch Out For This Spring

The competitive scene evolves at such a fast pace that if you blink, you may miss out on some of the best matchups. It’s hard to keep track of all of the upcoming CS:GO games, especially with international events from ECS, ESL, and ESEA now starting up.

Instead of trying to keep track of all of the different ongoing tournaments, why not fit your CS:GO viewing schedule around the teams that are sure to provide exciting matches. We’ve suggested 4 of the best CS:GO teams to watch live below.


Being a FaZe fan will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Although FaZe is currently considered the top team in the world, they’ve struggled to hold onto that title in recent months. Every time FaZe gets into a grand final, it’s always very, very close. The FaZe CS:GO team is currently filled with 5 superstar CS:GO players that have all had their equal share of mind-blowing moments in the past.

FaZe Clan win

Their resolve is hard to beat, so even if they struggle against other teams at times, they’ll always put up a very good fight, especially if there’s a big cash prize on the line.


Cloud9 is one of those teams that you just can’t help to watch with your mouth wide open. Recently, Cloud9 has worked hard to improve basic strats and team play for their map pool, but at the heart of the Cloud9 team, we still have a bunch of young North American fraggers that just love to take high risk fights into their own hands.

Cloud9 win

Watching Cloud9 can be mesmerizing one minute and heartbreaking the next. The trouble with all of the Cloud9 players is that they aren’t afraid to make risky plays like jump through smokes or force buy and rush a bomb site.
When it all goes wrong, the analysts are left there wondering why Cloud9 would make such a risky play, but when they do pull it off, it’s incredible to watch.

SK Gaming

When SK Gaming is on fire, they are just so fun to watch. Their ability to work together smartly as a team is something that just has to be watched.

sk gaming win

If you’re trying to start or lead your own CS:GO team, watching Fallen’s calls and SK Gaming’s plays will inspire you in a way that nobody else could.


Mousesports is like the budget FaZe. They may not have as many victories under their belts, but the Mousesports team has a lot of talent that often goes unnoticed. The five Mousesports players also have one of the strongest resolves we’ve seen in CS:GO history.

mousesports win

There have been many times where Mousesports have gone up against all odds to pull back a losing game. The number of times we’ve seen game-turning incredible plays from players like Oskar and ChrisJ is just too many to count at this point.


No matter what CS:GO matches you plan to tune into, whether it’s the upcoming ESL qualifying matches, the ECS Season 5 matches, or games for any other event, make sure to catch the games from the teams mentioned above.

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