CSGO’s brand new operation Shattered Web – Get your 10 Stars per Week

After waiting for almost 2 years, Valve has finally released CSGO’s ninth operation, Shattered Web.

Here’s all there is to know about this gem and how to reap all the benefits of this operation. Read all the latest CSGO news updates and more.


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CSGO Operation Shattered Web – All You Need to Know

  • The operation will last for 16 weeks
  • Shattered Web operation will cost you around $15
  • Shattered Web agent collection has been added – play with your favorite characters
  • Accolades earned at the end of the match
  • New weapon collections added: Norse, St. Marc, Canals, and Shattered Web
  • Shattered Web knives added to the case: the Paracord handled field knife, the Survival, the Nomad, and the Skeleton knife
  • New sticker collection specially designed by daniDem
  • Shattered Web graffiti
  • Brand new missions have been added to the game
  • You’ll get a new set of missions every week
  • You can earn a maximum of 10 stars per week
  • Complete missions to upgrade your Shattered Web coin
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Shattered Web Operation – Personal Experience so Far

When I saw that a huge new update had landed, at first I did not realize that this was CSGO’s new operation and that it was finally live.

I was amongst the first to buy the Shattered Web pass and I completely loved it.

Even though we’ve seen some problems with new agents and visibility, Valve is already working hard to fix these issues. Truth be told, even though there were these minor hindrances, I absolutely loved the operation so far.

CSGO always lacked that co-op mode where you could sit back and pair-up with a friend. Well, now that I have completed almost all of the missions, I can tell you that you can definitely have fun playing Shattered Web missions with a friend.

There are a lot of missions out there, but from my perspective, earning my 10 stars is what counts!

Moreover, I also want to upgrade my coin, so I’m slowly but surely grinding through all the mission, and I’ve found them all enjoyable.

One mission in particular consists of getting 10 kills on Inferno. However, you can only get those kills in Apartments or Banana. Basically, the entire map is packed with 20 players, and they”re all either in apps or shooting each other on Banana. Complete madness!


© Valve

How did I Earn 10 Stars in Week 1 – Easiest Missions

We started things off with a Virus Outbreak mission. Even though this one took us a while, we still got it done mainly because we enjoy co-op parts of the CSGO missions.

After that, we hopped on to a deathmatch server to shoot each other to death on Banana. Furthermore, we also wanted to get some shotgun action so we decided to grab 10 kills on Defusal Group Sigma.

Given the fact that there were two of us, CSGO Wingman seemed like a good choice as well. Winning two matches on Inferno is so easy, especially if you are not ranked. Lastly, we played another deathmatch. This time round, we had to get 25 shotgun kills on Dust 2.

My advice, use XM1014 or so-called auto shotgun.