The most shocking stories in the FACEIT Major so far

So far, we’ve had an excellent showing at the FACEIT London Major. 24 of the world’s best teams showed up to put on a strong fight and nobody went down without a struggle.

Here is a look back at the most shocking stories in the FACEIT Major so far. These stories show underdogs coming out on top, legendary teams coming back with newfound fire, and old orgs finally getting back on the table.



FACEIT Major’s Most Shocking Stories – The Rundown

Here is a quick look at the stories we’ll be covering in this article.

  • Vega’s strong showing
  • NiP’s 3-0
  • compLexity’s incredible performance
  • BIG’s run to the playoffs

Vega Squadron Look Strong

Vega Squadron was painted as the underdog in almost every situation, but they managed to go against all odds, winning against some of the best teams in the world. Vega already surprised all by going 3-2 in the Challengers Stage, winning to Spirit, BIG, and then finally North with a 2-0 in the fifth round.

So far in the Legends stage, Vega is putting up another strong fight. Vega beat out Cloud9 with a shocking 16-4 win. Later, they lost 4-16 to Astralis and had a close 14-16 run-in with Fnatic.

NiP Go 3-0

After struggling multiple times to get out of the Challengers stage, NiP has finally found their feet again. In the Challengers stage at the FACEIT Major, NiP was one of the two teams to go 3-0, and they did it with some tough competition.

NiP beat VP in an easy first match, but then had to fight tooth and nail to get two overtime wins against TyLoo and Astralis. NiP has had mixed results so far in the Legends stage, but they are still putting up close fights. First winning against mousesports then losing against Team Liquid.



CompLexity Are On Fire

Perhaps one of the most consistently shocking performances comes from compLexity. An organization that has been in Counter Strike for longer than almost any other. Despite this, compLexity has struggled to form a roster that can perform well at international events. This time it’s different. CompLexity went 3-1 in the Challengers stage, only losing out to Astralis.

In the Legends stage so far, compLexity is looking even stronger, beating out both Fnatic and G2, both of which aren’t an easy show. Next, compLexity face up against BIG, another team that has gone 2-0 in the Legends stage and showed their dominance.

BIG Aren’t Stepping Down

We already know there is a lot of talent on the BIG roster, but nobody expected them to show up like this. BIG had a tough ride in the Challengers stage, first going 1-2. But they pulled it back after a win against Gambit and OpTic.

In the Legends stage, BIG has taken a walk in the park. They beat out FaZe on Dust 2 then beat TyLoo on Train. So far, BIG has the highest round lead of any team and next up they’ll be going up against compLexity, which is sure to be an interesting match.


That wraps up our look at some of the biggest stories to break out in the FACEIT Major so far. The action won’t be stopping any time soon, however. Put on your seatbelts because we still have another 10 days of action.