Why Stewie’s Move To SK Could Be The Best Thing For His Career

With Stewie2K moving to SK, there’s a lot of questions on how Stewie and SK will perform together going forward. Stewie moving to a new team could be the best thing for his career yet. There are a few reasons why Stewie’s recent move could be such a great thing, and in this article we’ll discuss these elements.

Less Pressure For Stewie Means More Room For Him To Do His Thing

Stewie is the kind of player that can pull out the kind of unorthodox plays that can help his team to win rounds that would otherwise look unbeatable. He’s known for going against the grain to perform things that traditionally you should just never do.

It works at times because it’s unexpected. The trouble is, this kind of playstyle can also be very catastrophic. With Cloud9, Stewie would often go to desperate measures in an attempt to pull things back when things were looking pretty poor for the team. In situations like this, sometimes jumping through smokes or pushing solo is just not going to cut it.


With Fallen at the helm, however, there is potentially less pressure on Stewie. He may be put into fewer situations where he feels pressured into making ridiculous plays. If the rest of the SK team can punch above their weight and Fallen can create some good team cohesion, Stewie may find a role that works well for him. This would mean Stewie could still fill the playstyle he’s known for, but he would do it when Fallen says the time is right for him to do so.

New Experiences Can Only Be A Good Thing

The rise of Stewie is a bit of a freak incident in comparison to other CS:GO pros. Many professionals have played Counter Strike for over a decade before they got into the scene, whilst Stewie only started playing CS:GO in 2014. It’s taken Stewie just 4 years to get himself into a Major winning CS:GO team.


The trouble is, Stewie hasn’t had the experience many other professionals have. Stewie hasn’t had the chance to practice and play alongside other top tier players in a competitive setting. With Stewie joining SK, there’s a chance for him to find a more comfortable spot within the team. He may get the chance to learn more about what roles suits him best.

New Motivation Sourced From SK

There are times where Cloud9 are on top of the world, and other times where they hit really hard slumps. When it comes down to it, it’s clear that there is some kind of motivation issue at the core of Cloud9.


Stewie has said it himself in the past – there’s been a lack of motivation. On the flip side, SK is one of the most motivated teams in the world. Their rags to riches story shows just how much dedication the Brazilian team has put in to get to the point where they are at now.

SK has had its issues between players at times, but there’s no denying that every player that has been graced with the SK name has been highly skilled and highly motivated.


What are your thoughts? Do you think Stewie will have more room to grow on SK?