Team Liquid win DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019

Now that DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 is finally over, we have our winners who yet again confirmed that they’re one of the best teams on the CSGO scene. Team Liquid rolled past everyone on this tournament, and they definitely deserved to lift that DreamHack Masters Dallas trophy alongside $100,000 in prize money.


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Team Liquid’s path to winning DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019

On their path to victory, Team Liquid had to play a total of 5 matches. It is important to mention that they’ve played one best-of-1 match, while all the other matches were played as best-of-3 series.

Team Liquid vs Lucid Dream

In their opening match, Team Liquid had probably the easiest job out of everyone on DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019. They have defeated Lucid Dream in a very one-sided affair. However, Lucid Dream made it competitive in the first half, but they were unable to win a round on T-side of Dust 2. Final score, 16-7.

North vs Team Liquid

After advancing through to the upper bracket, Team Liquid was matched against North. Once again we have seen a one-sided match where North simply had no answer for certain Team Liquid plays. All in all, comfortable wins on both Nuke and Mirage sealed the deal for Team Liquid.

FaZe vs Team Liquid

To be honest, I did not see FaZe play so good for a while now. It seems like NEO really was the missing link here and future should be bright for FaZe. However, they suffered a defeat in a very tense match against Team Liquid.

Firstly FaZe lost their map pick, Dust 2. It took Team Liquid two overtimes to win the first map. Truth be told, Dust 2 could have easily gone in FaZe’s favor as NiKo and co. did not look bad on this map. After suffering a defeat on Dust 2, FaZe stepped up on Nuke and they really dominated Team Liquid, at least on the CT-side. However, closing the map was a bit scrappy but eventually, FaZe forced a decider. Lastly, Team Liquid was definitely a better team on Inferno. In my personal opinion, this is becoming a very solid map for Team Liquid and I would not be surprised if they stomp Astralis the next time they meet them on this map. Final score, 16-11 in favor of Team Liquid.

FURIA vs Team Liquid

There is no denying that Team Liquid is miles away from FURIA and they proved that in this best-of-3 series. Even though Brazilian CSGO roster made it competitive on Nuke, they were never close to defeating Team Liquid.

Overpass was a one-way street if you ask me. FURIA simply could not adjust properly in order to at least make it competitive in the first half and this left them with 4 rounds in total on Overpass.

Team Liquid vs ENCE

We’re actually seeing a rematch from the cs_summit 4. Both teams knew what they were bringing to this match and Team Liquid capitalized. This time around, ENCE picked Mirage and it backfired horribly. Team Liquid was very aggressive on the CT-side and they stomped ENCE leaving them with only 8 rounds on their map pick. After seeing their recent performances on Overpass, I thought that this match is done and dusted, but ENCE fought bravely and Finnish CSGO team was able to edge out Team Liquid in overtime. Final score, 19-17.

Lastly, we have seen a complete brawl on the last map, Inferno. Even though Team Liquid had a commanding lead at halftime, it was not enough to close this match, at least not as early as they imagined. ENCE fought hard but eventually, they ran out of gas. Final score, 16-13 in favor of Team Liquid.