Top 5 CS:GO players in 2019

As you can clearly see from the title, we will go over the best five CS:GO players so far in 2019. All of the stats provided will mostly be based on HLTV statistics and performance charts.

We are interested in your opinion, and before you read our article, tell us in the comments: were you able to predict all 5 of the players on this list?

1. Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev

As you could have probably guessed, s1mple is the best CS:GO player in 2019. He has been on a terror throughout this year, and his statistics are insane. Even though his team, Natus Vincere, was only able to win one tournament this year, this did not stop s1mple from dominating everyone.


© John Gooderson

So far in 2019, s1mple is topping the charts with AWP kills(565) and AK-47 kills(331). Fun fact, s1mple was able to knife three of his opponents this year. Below you will be able to find some of the statistics for the best CS:GO player ever.

  • Rating 2.0: 1.35
  • Total Kills: 1282
  • K/D Ratio: 1.51
  • Damage Per Round: 88.1

2. Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut

ZywOo has recently turned 18, and he already found his footing in the professional CS:GO scene. At the moment, ZywOo is rated as the second-best player in 2019, and I believe that he will keep improving. Unlike s1mple, ZywOo participated in 11 different tournaments so far in 2019 and he had a positive K/D ratio in each of these events. Furthermore, Vitality was able to win three of those tournaments.


© Starladder

When it comes to weapons, ZywOo has found his rhythm with AWP(854 kills), AK-47(408 kills), and AUG(167 kills). Once again we are presenting you with some incredible stats surrounding the French prodigy.

  • Rating 2.0: 1.34
  • Total Kills: 2210
  • K/D Ratio: 1.43
  • Damage Per Round: 87.6

3. Ali ‘Jame’ Djami

Another youngster that found his way on our top 5 list. Jame has been dominating basically everyone in 2019, and it is sad that he is not surrounded by better teammates. This puts Russian AWPer in the third-place on our list.



Jame played on 14 different CS:GO tournaments in 2019, and these are his stats for this year.

  • Rating 2.0: 1.31
  • Total Kills: 2315
  • K/D Ratio: 1.56
  • Damage Per Round: 80.1

4. Vinicius ‘vsm’ Moreira

Even though this player is nowhere near a tier 1 team, statistics say that he is the 4th best CS:GO player in 2019. Vsm is 19 years old and at the moment, he is playing for DETONA.


© Roque Marquese | Mais Esports

So far in 2019, vsm participated in 19 tournaments with DETONA and in 17 of those, he had a positive K/D ratio. However, most of those tournaments were qualifiers, hence why some of the stats are unreal.

  • Rating 2.0: 1.28
  • Total Kills: 1543
  • K/D Ratio: 1.26
  • Damage Per Round: 88.7

5. Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo

The last CS:GO player on our list is still a minor. At the moment, TenZ is only 17 years old and he is a member of Bad News Bears. Even though he did not play in many tournaments this year, he still put in an excellent performance in some of those events.



Canadian talent dominated everyone in the ESEA MDL Season 30 North American and below you will be able to find some of his best statistics in 2019.

  • Rating 2.0: 1.27
  • Total Kills: 1102
  • K/D Ratio: 1.27
  • Damage Per Round: 89.5