The Top 5 CS:GO Teams You Should Be Following Right Now

As the year has progressed, the 5 teams at the top of competitive CS:GO have completely changed. SK and Cloud9 have been kicked off of the top spot, and returning legends have managed to grace the leaderboards.

Here’s a look at the top 5 CS:GO teams you should be following. Whether you’re looking to tune into some high tier Counter Strike or want a good team to root for, this list has what you’re looking for.


The Fnatic organization doesn’t have the exact same roster that helped them to get to the top of competitive CS:GO in the past, but JW, KRiMz, and Flusha still remain, alongside newcomers Golden and Lekr0. In their current state, it feels like the older Fnatic members have got their shine back and they’re really starting to perform well in the biggest events. The veterans are backed up by Lekr0 and Golden, both of which have proved their worth in recent months.

fnatic 2018

Fnatic’s biggest recent win was at the WESG 2017 World Finals in March. Fnatic walked away from this event with a massive $800,000 so there’s no doubt that this has reinvigorated their hunger to compete at the top.


Despite Olofmeister’s temporary step down from the FaZe squad, FaZe is still performing very well in Counter Strike. FaZe’s most recent victory at IEM Sydney 2018 with stand-in Xizt shows that they are still capable of making big plays even without their top fragger on the team.

faze 2018

We think FaZe will go strong throughout the rest of 2018, and if Olofmeister joins up again later in the year, we expect he’ll come back refreshed and ready to dominate once again.

One of the reasons why FaZe is so successful is because the entire team is made up of a star lineup – every player on the team is capable of carrying a match.


Mousesports is in a really good position right now – their team cohesion is incredible and they have a number of star players that can really show up when it’s important. This current Mousesports roster seems to be one of the most hardened teams we’ve seen when it comes to fighting pass tough losses and heartbreaking clutches from their opponents.

mousesports 2018

Mousesports’ most recent big win was at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe Finals, and they performed very well during IEM Sydney 2018.


For a long time, S1mple has had to carry NaVi through many of their best performances, but things have changed recently. S1mple is still as incredible as ever, but the rest of the Navi roster is finally pulling their own weight.

navi 2018

Most importantly, the current NaVi roster are really starting to work alongside each other well. They’re getting the practice in to build a strong team chemistry that we haven’t seen for a long time in a CIS team. I personally feel like Navi has a strong chance to be the top team this year.


After Device’s fairly long break from CS:GO, Astralis finally has their missing puzzle piece back. Within just a couple months of Device’s return, Astralis’ performance has improved and we expect them to get back on track to dominating CS:GO events very shortly.

astralis 2018


Thanks for reading our article. Are there any other teams you’d consider adding to this top 5 list, and if so, what team would you remove?