United Masters League Season 2 announced – Unikrn to power this $150,000 CSGO event

Even though United Masters League Season 1 did not attract a lot of attention, I firmly believe that this will change now that the second season of UML has been announced. It is also important to mention that Unikrn stepped up and decided to invest in this tournament built for the rising CSGO teams.

The event itself should start on October, 2nd, 2019. All of the teams participating at United Masters League Season 2 will be announced in August and September.

United Masters League Season 2

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United Masters League Season 2 – What we know so far

Given the fact that this CSGO will be played around the Fall of 2019, we still do not have all the necessary information to provide you with. However, we do know that there will be 9 weeks of action followed by a grand final bracket.

Unikrn partnered with GRID esports in order to bring their statistical and data driven solutions to the viewers. We all know that GRID is on the level above everyone else when it comes to engagement and user experience. In my opinion, this is a move in the right direction for United Masters League.


United Masters League Season 2 will be split into three different phases.

Phase 1 – Qualifying

For 4 weeks eight teams will battle it out in the GSL groups. At the end of every week, the best team from the group will play against the second-best team from the other group. Whoever wins these matches will advance to phase 2 and they will play each other for seeding.

Lastly, 6 teams that end up on the losing side of things will return and compete next week with two additional challenges.

Phase 2 – Battle For Points in the League

A total of 16 teams will compete in UML Season 2 league. 8 of those teams will have to work hard in order to qualify for the second phase of this event. On the other hand, 8 teams will get an invite. At the time of writing, we still do not know who is invited.

The Swiss-style group has been put in place which should, in theory, pair the teams with similar skill levels and performances. All of the matches will be played in the best of three format and this phase will last for 5 weeks.

Phase 3 – Playoffs

As simple as the title. 8 teams will advance through to the single-elimination bracket and they will fight to win their share of $90,000 prize pool.

Why is Unikrn supporting this event?

There is no denying that Unikrn is becoming one of the most popular esports betting sites. Sites such as Betway and GG.bet already found their home on StarLadder and IEM events, and it seems like Unikrn found one for themselves.

I am positive that they will put a lot of effort into making United Masters League a tier 1 event, Given the fact that the prize pool significantly increased for the second season of the event, I believe that this event will attract top CSGO talent from all over the world.

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