FaZe drops Karrigan as future looks uncertain

FaZe may have been fighting for first place during 2017, but ever since their loss against Cloud9 during the ELEAGUE Boston Major at the start of the year, they just haven’t been able to get back up on their feet again.

As a result of their recent performance issues, some internal discussions have lead to Karrigan getting benched by the FaZe organization. Karrigan has helped FaZe pull in numerous big wins, trophies, and helped his team rake in hundreds of thousands in prize pool winnings. So, this news is a little disappointing for the FaZe fans out there.


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For the time being, Karrigan will remain as a substitute player until his contract is up or if another organization buys Karrigan off of FaZe. Rumor has it that FaZe’s asking price is eye-wateringly high, so it may be that we’ll be waiting until next year before Karrigan gets picked up by a new team.

But what does this mean for the future of FaZe? Who will step in as the new in-game leader and who will fill the remaining spot in the future FaZe roster.

Who Will Join FaZe CS:GO In 2019?

With Karrigan now sitting on the bench, FaZe currently only has four active players. The current FaZe lineup is as follows:

  • Niko
  • olofmeister
  • rain
  • GuardiaN

This leaves a big empty spot on FaZe’s roster and we’re unsure who will take the spot. We know that FaZe is well known in the CS:GO scene to bring together the best star players from across the globe, so we can only assume FaZe is eyeing up a big star player. The trouble is, many of the best players in the world are currently on a team that they’re unlikely to leave. This leaves a rather small list of players that FaZe can consider to fill in their final spot. FaZe clan are also likely to look for a player that can fill Karrigan’s previous role of IGL.

My first thoughts lead to Pronax – he has showcased his potential as an in-game leader in the past, and right now he’s not really in a fully formed team. We’d also love to see Zeus as a potential new player. We’ve seen how great Zeus is as an in-game leader and he has already built a great chemistry with Guardian in the past. The only trouble with this possibility is that Zeus has mentioned he may retire from competitive CS:GO in 2019. Could a lucrative deal from FaZe entice him to stay playing for longer?

The MIBR roster has been all over the place recently, so could it be possible that FalleN is picked up from MIBR as an IGL and secondary AWPer for FaZe? All of these suggestions are just speculation on my part and there really is no way to know what FaZe’s future plans will be at this point. What we do know is that FaZe will need to find a new player quick if they want them to be fit and ready to compete in 2019.

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you sad to see Karrigan go? Who do you think will replace Karrigan?