Vitality win ECS Season 7

After 4 days of fighting, Vitality has finally done it. They outclassed all of their opponents and this French CSGO team definitely deserved to lift ECS Season 7 trophy. Below you will be able to find a short breakdown of all Vitality matches on this tournament. Alongside ECS Season 7 trophy, Vitality also bagged themselves $225,000 for their efforts.



Vitality’s Path To Winning ECS Season 7

On their path to winning ECS Season 7, Vitality had to play a total of 5 matches. They won 4 of them and they have only lost one.

compLexity – Vitality

Vitality had no problems in their opening match here in London as they dominated compLexity on Dust 2. To be honest, this match was over before it started as Vitality simply looked too good on the CT-side of Dust 2. All in all, an easy 16-9 victory for Vitality.

North – Vitality

After advancing to the winners’ match, Vitality was matched against North. Truth be told, I thought French CSGO roster will roll past North and defeat them without any effort, but I was wrong.

Despite winning their map pick, Nuke, it was not enough to seal this best-of-3 series. North dominated Vitality on both Inferno and Dust 2. It is really weird that Vitality was only able to win 7 rounds on Dust 2 as they are definitely one of the best teams on this map. I reckon this was just a day off in the office for them.

Vitality – compLexity

Now that Vitality got demoted back to the lower bracket, they were once again matched against compLexity. Once again Vitality had no problems defeating North American squad as they dominated them on both Dust 2 and Nuke. Overall, another easy victory for ZywOo and co.

NRG – Vitality

In their semi final bout, Vitality did not have an easy job against NRG. To be honest, NRG should not have lost Overpass as they had a double-digit lead at half time. Vitality was able to turn things around and eventually close their map pick in overtime.

Now that NRG’s spirit was crushed, they had nothing to offer on Mirage and this was easily spotted once they switched to T-side. But let’s not take it away from Vitality, they played really good on Mirage and they definitely deserved their spot in the grand final.

FURIA – Vitality

Prior to this match, FURIA eliminated serious competition. Firstly, they stomped Astralis, not only once, but twice. They have also defeated North and overall, they were looking so good.

I would dare to say that they made a huge mistake in the map veto and they were punished for it. Firstly, they did not pick Vertigo and they decided to go for Inferno. Not much more to say about their map pick as they were only able to win 9 rounds.

Overpass went even worse for FURIA. This time around, they were only able to win 4 rounds as they really had nothing to offer on the T-side of Overpass. With this victory, Vitality sealed this best-of-3 series and lifted ECS Season 7 trophy.