$800,000 Is On The Line This Weekend During The WESG CS:GO Grand Finals

After many months in the making, we’re finally getting to see the grand finals for the WESG 2017 tournament. There are now just eight teams left and they will be fighting it out in the quarterfinals this Saturday, March 17. Take a look at the matchups we can expect to see over this weekend below.

WESG Grand Finals

The WESG Quarterfinals And Semifinals On March 17

The action will kick off with the quarterfinals on March 17. Starting at 10:00 CST, Fnatic and MVP PK will face off against each other whilst Cloud9 and Team One go up against each other.

At 12:30 CST, we’ll see a game between Space Soldiers and GODSENT, as well as a game between team Russia and AGO. What’s great about the WESG tournament so far is that it’s given a number of teams the opportunity to compete at a high level that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Both MVP PK and Team One are teams that have struggled to make it to international events in the past.

Whilst MVP PK (South Korea) may not have much of a chance against Fnatic in the quarterfinals, it says a lot to finally see a South Korean team in the semi finals of an international CS:GO event.

ago team quarterfinals

Team One comprises of a new team of Brazilian players that are already showing some potential. We don’t think they have what it takes to swipe a best of three game from Cloud9, but they might be able to put up a good fight.

Finally, we have the games between GODSENT & Space Soldiers and Russia and AGO. The GODSENT/Space Soldiers game will probably be the most exciting match to watch in the quarterfinals. Both teams have worked very hard to climb their way up the ranks in recent months and they both share a similar skill level. Team Russia is a mixed team of world class Russian players. They’ve done well so far, but can they take down the rising Polish team, AGO? It’ll certainly be a close battle.

Once all four games are over, the semifinals will happen later with the winning teams. The first semifinal will happen at 15:00 CST, most likely between Cloud9 and Fnatic. The second semifinal game will happen at 17:00 CST between the two winners of the AGO/Russia and GODSENT/Space Soldiers games.

The WESG Grand Final

The WESG Grand Final will be streamed live on March 18 at 11:45, straight after a third place decider match. Once the grand finals are over on March 18, the winner will take home a massive $800,000. So far, many predictions have been made about which team is most likely to win the grand final. So far, Cloud9 has certainly shown the strongest performance. Surprisingly, Team Russia and Space Soldiers have performed better than Fnatic overall, so Fnatic will have to work extra hard to secure a grand final win against Cloud9 if the stars were to align for this matchup to happen.


Which matchups are you most interested to see this weekend? Let us know!