What’s next for CSGO player “Coldzera”?

For a while now, Brazilian CSGO superstar is sitting at the bench and is actively looking for a new team or organization for himself. As you probably know, he got fed up playing for MiBR and 2 times Major MVP is looking for new challenges.

Even though Marcelo had a bad timing since StarLadder Major is just around the corner, he still offered to play for the Brazilian CSGO roster. However, the organization did not want that, and at the moment, MiBRs coach zews is standing in to replace cold.

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CSGO Player - Coldzera

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What does the future hold for Coldzera?

Is coldzera going to retire? From my perspective, I do not think so. He is simply too good of a player to stop playing CSGO on the professional level. What are the possible outcomes for Brazilian superstar?

First and foremost, FaZe is not looking so good, and they will definitely consider signing Marcelo. However, his buyout is kinda huge and it would definitely be a record deal. But still, if someone has the money to buyout coldzera, that would be FaZe Clan.

Both rain and olofmeister are not looking so good in 2019, and I would not be surprised if one of them ends up on the bench. Let’s face it, coldzera is an excellent fragger who is capable of winning matches himself. Once you pair him with NiKo you are definitely getting a team that will be able to compete against Liquid and Astralis.

Could coldzera join a Brazilan CSGO roster? He definitely could, but there is only one team that comes to my mind, that being FURIA. However, this is not so likely as all of the players representing FURIA just recently signed new contracts.

Truth be told, they are a relatively new and inexperienced, and yet, they are the best Brazilian CSGO team based on HLTV’s rankings. So from my perspective, I believe that FURIA will not experiment with new players as long as they are achieving solid results.