Winners and Losers of the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals Group Stage

Now that the group stage is finally concluded, we can provide you with an ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals recap. In this piece, you will be able to find winners and losers of this event (so far). There are a lot of question marks above certain teams that did not deliver and there is a huge chance that we will see major roster changes soon.

esl pro league 10 odense 2019 season finals


ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals – Playoffs

Before I start talking about everything that happened so far on this CSGO tournament, let me briefly mention the matches that will be played in the playoffs.

  • fnatic vs Liquid (quarterfinals)
  • Evil Geniuses vs mousesports (quarterfinals)
  • Astralis vs mousesports/Evil Geniuses WINNER (semifinals)
  • Natus Vincere vs fnatic/Liquid WINNER (semifinals)
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Group Stage Winners

Natus Vincere

From my perspective, Natus Vincere are the biggest winner so far on ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals. They have defeated everyone who stood in front of them. MiBR and TYLOO had no chance while their match against Evil Geniuses was very entertaining.

It seems like all of the hard hitters are here for Na’Vi. At the moment, electronic is the highest-rated player at this event. Ukrainian star is averaging rating of 1.53 which is simply amazing. Right after electronic comes s1mple. If these two guys are performing at this level so early in the event, who will be able to stop Na’Vi?


After a couple of shady esports tournaments, mousesports are finally back at it. Even though they did not face off against the toughest opponents, mousesports deserved their spot in the playoffs. Even though they will probably have a hard time against Evil Geniuses, this is definitely a sign that they are working hard in order to become the best CSGO team out there.


If you followed ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals closely, then you would have known that Liquid had a lot of problems with their plan. They arrived late to the event and their opening match against North had to be postponed. However, this did not rattle them as they proved to everyone that they are as tough as they can be.

In my opinion, grabbing the quarterfinals spot is a huge achievement for a team that barely had any chance to rest.

Team Liquid Winner ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals Group Stage


Group Stage Losers


After a couple of successful events, FaZe Clan is once again nowhere to be found. This was an awful event for NiKo and co. as they were one of the first teams that got eliminated from the ESL Pro Leauge Season 10 Finals.

In their opener, FaZe failed miserably to MiBR who did not really offer anything in this match. On top of that, FaZe did not even show up in the deciding match against 100 Thieves. From my perspective, this was a very easy game for the Australian CSGO roster.


After pushing Astralis to their limit, I was expecting G2 to casually stomp the North American roster. If you did not hear about ATK, I am not surprised. This is not a very well-known roster. However, ATK proved that you should never underestimate your opponent.

After being stomped on Vertigo, ATK bounced right back with an excellent showing on Inferno and Train. All in all, a very poor performance from the French squad.

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