$300,000 Zotac Cup Masters Tournament Starts August 24

Earlier this year, Zotac announced that they were expanding their reach into CS:GO with a $300,000 tournament. At the time, online qualifiers were revealed for March through June, and as a result of those qualifiers, three teams qualified for the main event.

The three qualified teams were Kinguin from the European qualifier, MVP PK from the Asia Pacific qualifier, and Ghost from the American qualifier. We now know the entire lineup thanks to a number of invite announcements that have happened over the past 30 days. Here’s an entire rundown of the event.

$300,000 Zotac Cup Masters Team Lineup Overview

In June, both Team Liquid and TyLoo were invited to the Zotac Cup Masters event and both teams happily accepted the invitation.

Just two days ago, Virtus.Pro was then announced as the final invited team, making up a total of 6 teams, alongside VG.FlashGaming, a Chinese team that was invited to the event earlier in the year.

zotac cup masters

Here’s a look at the overall team lineup for the Zotac Cup Masters tournament.


  • Team Liquid
  • Virtus/Pro
  • VG.FlashGaming
  • TyLoo
  • To be announced


  • MVP PK
  • Ghost
  • Kinguin

We are still waiting to hear who the last team invite will go to. So far we’ve had a Chinese invite, an Asian regional invite, a CIS team invite, and a North American team invite, so we’re assuming we’ll see a UK team next.

Zotac Cup Masters Tournament Schedule

Even though we still don’t know the entire team lineup for the event, we do know the overall schedule. The Zotac Cup Masters tournament will be a three day event that runs from August 24 until August 26. The event will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong.

zotac cup tournament schedule

We do not yet know what the format will be, but with eight teams participating, we’d expect a group stage on the first day, during which four teams will be eliminated. Then, on the second day we may get the semifinals and quarterfinals. It’s likely the final day will be held exclusively for the grand final.

Once the event goes live, you’ll be able to tune in by visiting the Zotac Cup Twitch page. Zotac will be giving away Steam wallet codes throughout the event.

Zotac Cup Masters Predictions

This is certainly going to be an interesting event. There is $300,000 on the line, which is quite a large sum of money. Most of the teams attending this event are usually kicked out in the group stages before they get a chance to compete for a considerable portion of the prize pool.

zotac cup liquid win

Unfortunately for them, it seems that no team so far will be up to the challenge of defeating Team Liquid. Unless we see a sudden tier 1 team announcement for the last spot, this should be a fairly easy event for Liquid.

TyLoo could pull something out of the bag, but they are the only real threat. The other teams are looking somewhat lackluster in comparison to Liquid.

What are your thoughts on this event? Will you be tuning in or betting on any matches?