DetonatioN Gaming in VCT 2023 – Young squad with a lot of potential

VALORANT’s new season is approaching and soft roster locks are taking place. Most of the announcements are rosters of the teams partnered in 2023.

Due to the lack of reporters in the region, parts of the teams that will take part in the Pacific League have not been fully leaked, which has kept the expectation high for a long time. DetonatioN Gaming however, recently announced their new roster, and it does not disappoint.

The young squad with a lot of potential - DetonatioN Gaming VCT 2023

With the organization becoming a partner team for VCT 2023, it was expected by everyone to make some changes to its roster. However, DetonatioN Gaming chose to go in a completely new direction and replaced all their players along with the coaching staff. In doing so, they continued to use their old ways and created a mixed squad of Japanese and Korean players.

The most notable of the new players is Seoldam, a 21-year-old Korean player. Expected to take on the role of main duelist in the team, he was absent from the competitive scene last season. After spending VCT 2021 on Northeption in an average way, he transferred to Crazy Raccoon as a streamer in the 2022 season.

The oldest player on the team in terms of age is Reita, who last played for ZETA DIVISION. She can switch between the roles of controller and smoker and has played in some of the region’s leading organizations such as REJECT and Absolute JUPITER. His only international experience on the VALORANT stage is VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin, where he was eliminated early on with ZETA.

New squad established around youngsters

DFM prioritized young and promising players throughout the roster. Suggest, who placed third globally with NUTURN Gaming in the first year of VCT, is one of them. With no shortage of talent and frag, Suggest has moved away from the duelist role he started his career with to take on the flex role. He was last seen in DetonatioN Gaming White, where he failed to achieve any notable success.

In the revamped roster, xnfri had the busiest and most successful VCT season of the lot. The 23-year-old spent last season with Northeption, where he was part of one of the most successful teams in the region. In addition to the in-season regional playoffs, he also gained international stage experience by participating in VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters – Copenhagen. His similarity in role to Suggest raises questions about who will take on which role.

The young squad with a lot of potential - DetonatioN Gaming VCT 2023

The main controller role is expected to be taken by takej. One of the important young talents of Japan, the player played for the big teams in the region and finally went to DetonatioN. He spent the 2022 season with REJECT without any success, with occasional lapses in performance. However, he proved during the ZETA era that he can be a great contributor in the right situation.

The final piece of the roster, Anthem is the most underrated player on the roster due to the teams he plays for, but he can be a very useful piece with his frag contribution from time to time. The player, who usually prefers aggressive agents, recently played for REJECT as a stand-in.

The VCT Pacific League is full of very strong organizations and their ambitious rosters.

Among all these established powers, DetonatioN’s roster is relatively weak on paper, but with a very high ceiling and potential to develop. The lack of clear roles within the team may be a hindrance in the short run, but it will give them plenty of flexibility as the meta evolves moving forward.

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