Diablo: Immortal Receives Its Second Major Update – Terror’s Tide

It was not that long ago that we received some interesting Diablo: Immortal updates, and yet here we are again, bringing news about the newest ones. Considering that not a lot of people are fans of Diablo: Immortal and their P2W policy, Blizzard seems to be updating the game quite often, meaning that they are making a profit out of it.

What is new?

Everyone who is playing the game might know that the first major content update was quite big, and when it comes to the second one, it is even bigger than that, so we might cover absolutely everything, but we will give you a TLDR of the official blue post.

The major feature updates are the ones about Hell difficulty, where it is getting VI, VII, and VIII versions; daily activities are getting a bit of a boost to the rewards; the Paragon system is becoming less of a grind, as the Experience rewards for those who are bellow Server Paragon level have been increased to 800%, from 400%.


@ Blizzard

There are also some additional updates to the Paragon system, as well as Monk skills, set items, and Hero’s Journey. Shadow War is getting a stamina mechanic to Immortals, which will make them unable to kite so hard, and Dungeons are also getting some quality-of-life changes, like having a Blacksmith at the end.

New Zone: Stormpoint

For those who have managed to strive through the Diablo: Immortal pay-to-win backlash and level their characters to at least level 60 after reaching Hell Difficulty III, you can go to Stormpoint. This is the first post-launch zone, and it comes with the main story, Questline, and new bosses to defeat.

Free re-customizations at Westmarch Barber

While we may have skipped over the Voidbound Helliquary and the five new legendary gems, we love the addition of Westmarch Barber, that is, Yaira the Barber. It is located in Westmarch, and you can visit him for a free character re-customization. You can do it only once a week, and you cannot speed it up with a payment.

Recruit a friend

Suppose you have a friend who is looking to play something completely opposite to the so far promised Diablo 4 monetization. In that case, you can bring them to Diablo: Immortal and receive great rewards from December 14th until January 11th. The rewards you and your friend receive will depend on how far they progress through the game and how many friends you recruit to the game too. If you want all of those RAF rewards, you will need three friends who get to level 60.

Plenty of things to spend money at

At this point, there should be no surprise that there are lots of things that you can pay for in Diablo: Immortal and that new things are coming out very often. This time around, players can purchase cosmetics during the Brumaltine limited-time holiday event, they can purchase the Season Eight battle pass, and the new Phantom Market.

While the Phantom Market is a place where you can spend money, those who are not interested in doing so can still use their free draw and potentially get exactly what they want. Diablo: Immortal seems to be getting a lot of love from the dev team, and while many still hate it due to its monetization, we can hope that Diablo 4 will be an even better game without the micro transactions.

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