Do you qualify for Wild Rift Legendary Queue?

Hey, high-elo Wild Rift players. Are you tired of easy ranked matches or begin getting a kick out of stomping amateurs?

Well, Wild Rift Legendary Queue is as it suggests, a much-more competitive queue reserved for the skilled, specifically rank Diamond and above.

Wild Rift Legendary Queue

Wild Rift Legendary Queue

The feature also comes with six new top-tier ranks, each comprised of four sub-tiers, notably:

  • Warrior VI-I
  • Commander VI-I
  • Guardian VI-I
  • Vanquisher VI-I
  • Immortal VI-I
  • Legend

Players earn Legendary Points (LP) instead of Victory Points (VP) by winning matches in Legendary Queue. Do note that Legendary Queue is solo queue only, so the boys will have to skip out on the action.

Release date of Wild Rift Legendary Queue

Hold your bubbles, Wild Rift players! Because the Legendary Queue update will only be available in a few weeks after the new season begins. The Wild Rift Season 5 is expected to end in early August 2022, which is several months away.

Moreover, it is only available during certain hours of the day, so we likely won’t be able to reach Legend rank in a marathon-long binge.

Why did Riot Games introduce the Legendary Queue?

Back in February 2022, Riot Games announced that changes are coming to high-skill ranked play after receiving community concerns regarding high-skilled matchmaking.

Among the issues addressed is being matched into low-MMR games, perhaps due to lack of active players of the same MMR, during the time of matchmaking. This causes the match to have overwhelming odds against the weaker team, which means low VP gains if you win, or high losses when you lose against all odds.

Coupled with this prevalent issue was solo players getting matched against a party of five. The coordination of a well-synced party is a massive advantage against a bunch of randoms. Anyways, Riot Games rolled out a bandage fix on this particular issue, by ensuring 5-man parties always match against another 5-man party.

Everyone’s a Diamond and above

It’s getting crowded in Diamond rank and above. After all, we have had five ranked seasons since the first in late 2020.

The Legendary Queue sets a battlefield for competitive players, hoping to hone their Wild Rift skills further. It might even be enticing for semi-pro players, aiming to play at the Icons Global Championship 2022. Anyways, Riot Games also added that every player’s rank will be rolled back more than its previous seasonal reset.

Do you lose Matchmaking rating (MMR) in Legendary Queue?

The Legendary Queue serves as an alternative queue altogether, separate from the MMR which players currently gain and lose from normal ranked games. Hopefully, this promotes qualified players to play in Legendary Queue, without the stress of losing MMR to better players.

In fact, contrary to most MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena), matchmaking tends to become dull when MMR is at stake. This ruins the player experience, not only in-game but builds up toxicity in the Wild Rift gaming community.

Thus, props to Riot Games for implementing such an ingenious system.

Reworked Matchmaking

Riot Games will also replace VP with Ranked Mark, extending it till Challenger. If players want to climb from Diamond IV up to Diamond I and beyond into Masters, they will need to earn six marks per each tier of Diamond. Whereas, in Masters and above, players accumulate a marks number that will go up with each win, and down for each loss. This also means that the mark counter can increment infinitely, so long as they continue to win more than they lose.

With months till the actual release of Legendary Queue, ensure you reach Emerald rank before the seasonal reset.