Best Dota 2 Heroes to Climb Ranks With

When it comes to Dota 2 heroes, everyone has their favorites. But when it comes to Dota 2 ranks, you’ll rarely find a player who doesn’t want to climb the ladder. And with that in mind, here are some of the best Dota 2 heroes to master if you want to climb the Dota 2 ranks.

Best Dota 2 Heroes to Climb Ranks With

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The list is not definitive however. Every player might achieve greatness playing something unique, but you will definitely increase your odds of climbing in MMR if you master the following five Dota 2 Heroes.

Broodmother Dota 2 Broodmother

Broodmother is perhaps the most annoying hero to play against in the entire game. This monster can quickly gain an advantage in the laning phase and then snowball out of control, eating up the enemy team’s jungle, pressuring the lanes, destroying tower after tower if she’s not effectively dealt with in a coordinated manner, and creating space for her team like she’s the Big Bang.

If you master Broodmother, you will get to high Legend – low Ancient very quickly. Because this hero can win games almost on its own.

Templar AssassinTemplar Assassin

Templar Assassin is my personal favorite because she’s easy to play and because she’s practically a Battlefury Anti-Mage starting from level 7. The combination of Psy Blades and Refraction gives this hero spectacular farming abilities. And if your team creates enough space for you until around minute 15, by that point you will be so far ahead of everyone else in terms of networth that you’ll be able to blink next to a target and two-shot any support hero of the enemy team. If you’re playing at below 3,000 MMR, this is one of the Dota 2 heroes that you need to have in your repertoire to quickly climb the Dota 2 ranks. Her midlane matchup is easy against most heroes and she quickly becomes strong enough to dominate the lane. By the time you’re level five, the opposing midlaner can no longer trade hits with you because of your Refraction charges.

Meepo Dota 2Meepo

This is another great hero to master but it is not easy to do learn how to play it properly. You need to have excellent key-control and APM, because you’re practically playing with multiple heroes at once. But if you can do it, you can start farming jungle camps very early on and snowball out of control by minute 10-15, depending on how the game goes. Additionally, good Meepo’s can assist the entire team and force game outcomes for every position on the map.


Invoker Dota 2Invoker

Invoker is one of those Dota 2 heroes that take hundreds of games to learn and hundreds more to master. But if you become good with it, you’re guaranteed to climb the Dota 2 ranks quickly. The versatility of this hero makes is very hard to counter by weak players. At below 4,000 MMR, teams get destroyed by good Invokers without knowing what hit them. Invoker does take a lot of practice, especially when you need to make split second decisions that would decide the match outcome.


Morphling Dota 2Morphling

And finally, there is Morphling, for those who like a solid carry with immense mid-game and late-game potential. This hero is spectacularly strong if you know what to do with it. Just stay away from silence-heavy lineups and you will quickly reach a point beyond which you can no longer be killed due to the combination of Waverform and Attribute Shift. And just look at the attribute growth of this water element: +4,3 Agility and +3 Strength per level!



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