Cloud 9 re-enters Dota 2 scene

Cloud 9 has signed Team NP marking their formal decision to once again re-enter the Dota 2 scene. Mainstay and active over the last few years, Cloud 9 decided to depart Dota 2 earlier this year in May. At this time, they had released the entirety of their active roster and supporting personal, making a public statement that they would take a break from the game.

This decision was brought due to poor performance by the Danish roster, where they prevented the organisation from entering The International 2016, heartbreaking for C9 considering their attendance at The International 2014 and The International 2015.

The Team NP roster qualified for The International this year in what will be seen as proof of their ability and potentially the impetus that gained C9’s attention. The deal between the Dota 2 roster will not only allow Cloud 9 to enter TI7 – but the team will also receive a much needed boost in finances and key personnel support.


NP able and ready according to previous results

Team NP’S roster only holds a short history. They had formed after the conclusion of The International 2016, before rising to be one of North America’s best team. The roster was then arranged and picked by team captain “EternaLEnVy”.

The roster’s first major achievement was placing second place in the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational. Following that, their performance slowed down until May this year, where they managed to take out third at the Manilla Masters and later first for the North American The International 2017 closed qualifier.

It is likely we will only catch a glimpse of Cloud 9’s new roster only once The International 2017 bracket / group stages start. This is because of the extremely high expectations placed upon the team by the C9 central organisation and all their fans. In this period, the team will most probably scrim rival team, however, this time they will have many more contacts through their deal with C9, an organisation with connections with many other teams.

Great move for NP

Regarding potential this is seen as a good move for NP, as there is little to no disadvantage signing with Cloud 9, an organisation that has proved over the years to take extremely good care of their players. C9 is regarded in the industry as one of the steadiest teams in Dota2 professional gaming, accruing millions of dollars in funding from investors earlier in the year, which is expected to be spent in growing the organisation’s reach. Their apparent new wealth has been demonstrated through their League of Legends promotional video, where players were shown to be lavished with world class facilities such as sports / recreational areas, cryotherapy chamber sessions and reflex improvement equipment.


This deal has likely set back Cloud 9 a few million dollars, as the roster is currently viewed as not only North America’s best team, but a PRIME contender to take out the bigger esports tournament of the year, The International 2017. The TI7 spot is already worth millions, on top of that, the individual players are also worth hundreds of thousands. That said, we think it’s a great investment on C9’s part to support a talented roster.