Dota 2’s Crownfall Act 2 Update is Dropping Soon – Get a Preview In-Game

The next major update to Dota 2 is apparently set to drop within the next 24 hours, in-game features hint at Crownfall Act 2 dropping sometime on May 22 ET. But after an update in the small hours May 21, Dota 2 players have been able to get a preview of the upcoming patch as viewed through candlelight.

If you’ve progressed far enough into the game to reach the “Ripples in the Dark” part of Dota 2 Crownfall Act 1 you can click on it to peer in. There, Shen and Dragonus (Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage) will use a candle to reveal a series of hints for the next patch.

These hints are incomplete, and reportedly, each player will get a different combination of hints, and limited visibility for each. As a result, a complete picture of the patch isn’t yet available.

What Will Be In the Dota 2 Crownfall Update?

Dota 2 Crownfall Update


These hints have sparked speculation that a dramatic balance patch is coming. Indeed, each of the candlelit hints seems to refer to either a game mechanic or a hero specifically. 

While some theories believe this to be a balance patch, others think this is part of Act 2’s gameplay. In it, heroes will have dramatic changes to their gameplay which players will need to adapt to. 

This theory has emerged because of just how broken some of the hints have been. For example, “Can use items in their backpack as if they were in their inventory.” This is a frankly game-breaking change, but would make sense in a more random game mode where the changes are temporary.

Act 2 Release Time

Crownfall Update


Dota 2’s Crownfall Act 2 looks set to transform games of Dota 2. With the hints suggesting zany changes, it’s likely this will instead be a new game mode that completely alters Dota when you play it.

It’s set to release today (May 22), although because of it likely releasing in the afternoon for Valve (Pacific Time) that will mean May 23 for some locations.


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