DreamLeague Season 10 Playoffs

DreamLeague Season 10 is the first Minor of the new competitive season. The tournament offers a prize pool of $300.000, as well as 500 points for The International 2019 and a qualification spot for The Kuala Lumpur Major.


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DreamLeague Season 10 is already in its Playoffs Stage, with 2 of the 8 teams already out of the event.

DreamLeague Season 10 Playoffs predictions

compLexity Gaming vs. Royal Never Give Up

This is the first Upper Bracket match of the tournament. If we regard just tournament performance, then compLexity Gaming is the slight favorite in this dispute. Otherwise, it’s RNG all the way.

CompLexity Gaming played very well in the Group Stage, winning both of its first 2 matches: 2 – 0 against Infamous and 2 – 0 against Natus Vincere. With these two wins, the North American team finished 1st in Group A and secured a spot in the Upper Bracket.

Royal Never Give Up had a slightly harder path in Group B, winning against The Final Tribe (2 – 1) but then losing to Tigers (1 – 2). In its 3rd match, RNG managed to defeat The Final Tribe one more time (2 – 1), finishing 2nd in the group.

Esportsbetting.com puts the odds for this match at 1.65 – 2.10 in favor of compLexity Gaming, clearly favoring the NA team to win the dispute. I’m personally not so sure about assessment, as RNG is a very strong competitor. The safest bet here is that the match will need more than 2.5 games to end, as neither of these teams seems capable of beating the other without dropping a single game.

Betting prediction: a 3 game series with either side being capable of winning.

Tigers vs. Natus Vincere

This is the second Upper Bracket match of the Playoffs of DreamLeague Season 10 and it will likely end with a victory in favor of Tigers.

Tigers had an excellent run in Group B, finishing in 1st place with 2 consecutive victories: one over ROOONS (2 – 0) and one over RNG (2 – 1). In case you don’t know who these guys are, all you need to know is the name of the team’s captain: 1437. This guy has enormous experience as a captain and a lot of great results with past teams from Southeast Asia. So it makes perfect sense for this team to do as well as it has done so far.

On the other side we have a completely new Na’Vi, which seems somewhat strong but still quite unconvincing. Na’Vi finished 2nd in its group, managing to defeat Vega Squadron (2 – 0) and Infamous (2 – 0), but losing to compLexity Gaming (0 – 2).

As I’ve said before, Tigers looks slightly stronger here and the bookmakers make the same assessment. Esportsbetting.com puts the odds at 1.70 – 2.05 in favor of Tigers, regarding it as the favorite but not buy much. I perfectly agree with this and I believe this match will take 3 games to be decided, just like the first one.

Betting prediction: Tigers to win.

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