EPICENTER XL Playoffs Analysis and Predictions

The EPICENTER XL Major is entering its Playoffs Stage. With only 8 of the starting 12 teams remaining in the race, the battle for the 1500 qualification points and the $970.000 prize pool is bound to create some spectacular matches worth watching.


Group Stage results

Group A:

  • 1st place: Team Liquid (5 V – 0 D)
  • 2nd place: PSG.LGD (4 V – 1 D)
  • 3rd place: FlyToMoon (3 V – 2 D)
  • 4th place: Mineski (2 V – 3 D)
  • 5th place: compLexity Gaming (1 V – 4 D)
  • 6th place: Team Empire (0 V – 5 D)

Group B:

  • 1st place: Virtus.pro (4 V – 1 D)
  • 2nd place: OG (3 V – 2 D)
  • 3rd place: Team Secret (2 V – 3 D)
  • 4th place: paiN Gaming (2 V – 3 D)
  • 5th place: Newbee (2 V – 3 D)
  • 6th place: Natus Vincere (2 V – 3 D)

As these two tables show, compLexity Gaming, Team Empire, Newbee and Natus Vincere were eliminated after the Group Stage.

Match predictions

FlyToMoon (3 V – 2 D) vs. paiN Gaming (2 V – 3 D)

These two teams are of roughly the same strength, but paiN Gaming had two impressive victories against teams which in turn had impressive results against other strong teams in Group B. To be precise, paiN Gaming defeated both Newbee and Natus Vincere to qualify, which is quite a feat. On the other side, FlyToMoon had its fair share of good results, but only one is relevant: their 2 – 1 victory against Mineski. Overall, I think that paiN Gaming will prove to be the stronger side and cause an upset against FlyToMoon.

Match prediction: paiN Gaming to win.

Esportsbetting.com odds: 1.65 – 2.10.

Team Secret (2 V – 3 D) vs. Mineski (2 V – 3 D)

This will be a fierce battle between two top teams that have played quite poorly at this event. Both Team Secret and Mineski entered the tournament as top contenders for the title but lost multiple matches against weaker opponents.

Overall, Team Secret is the stronger side and should take the victory if Puppey doesn’t mess up the draft.

Betting prediction: Team Secret to win.

Esportsbetting.com odds: 1.65 – 2.10.

Team Liquid (5 V – 0 D) vs. OG (3 V – 2 D)

Given the skill difference between these two teams, and the fact that the match is a Bo3 series, it’s almost impossible for OG to beat Liquid twice in just 3 games. Of all the matches on this list, this one is by far the most predictable.

dota2 players team liquid dota2 teams

Betting prediction: Team Liquid to win.

Esportsbetting.com odds: 1.35 – 3.00.

Virtus.pro (4 V – 1 D) vs. PSG.LGD (4 V – 1 D)

From what it proved so far at EPICENTER XL, Virtus.pro is almost at the top of its game and its strategies are very hard to counter. Except for Na’Vi, who somehow managed to surprise its regional rival and walk away with a victory, no other squad in Group B was capable of overcoming the number 1 team in the world.

Betting prediction: PSG.LGD to win.

Esportsbetting.com odds: 1.40 – 2.70.