ESL One Hamburg Playoffs Predictions and Favorites

ESL One Hamburg is about to enter the Playoffs Stage, after three days of matches at the end of which only eight of the initial 12 teams are still in the race. Four of them will start in the Upper Bracket while the other four will start in the Lower Bracket of the Main Event.

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ESL One Hamburg 2019 TNC Predator


Group Stage Results

For the most part the groups have gone as people had expected. There was only one big upset as well as a slight disappointment on the side of, who only managed to get a Lower Bracket spot. As for the upset, it involved Team Liquid or the former Alliance roster, which finished last in their group.

At the top of the standings table, we have the following situation: Vici Gaming and Alliance won Group A while TNC Predator and Gambit Esports won Group B. The situation in Group A was relatively close, as Vici Gaming and Alliance were separated by two points in the end. In Group B however, TNC Predator won with a larger margin.

The full results for the two groups at ESL One Hamburg are the following:

Group A

  • 1st place: Vici Gaming – 9 points
  • 2nd place: Alliance – 7 points
  • 3rd place: beastcoast – 6 points
  • 4th place: – 4 points
  • 5th place: Fighting PandaS – 2 points
  • 6th place: – 2 points

Group B

  • 1st place: TNC Predator – 9 points
  • 2nd place: Gambit Esports – 6 points
  • 3rd place: Ninjas in Pyjamas – 4 points
  • 4th place: Quincy Crew – 4 points
  • 5th place: Wind and Rain – 4 points
  • 6th place: Team Liquid – 3 points

ESL One Hamburg Playoffs Predictions

Based on what the teams have shown us during the Grup Stage of ESL One Hamburg, the favorites for the Playoffs are pretty clear. In theory, either Vici Gaming or TNC Predator should win the tournament. And in fact, there’s a high chance that both of them will meet in the Grand Final, because there’s almost nobody that could challenge either of these two. The next best teams are Alliance, Gambit Esports and NiP but they are still miles away in terms of strength.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming is one of the best teams in China at the moment and their only real weakness is the fact that they had to bring in a new captain after losing Fade at the end of last season. Apart from this, they’re still the two times Major champions from 2018-2019. Also, they still have Eurus (Paparazi), who is one of the best position ½ players in the world. So in almost every way, Vici Gaming looks set to win the title at ESL One Hamburg.

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TNC Predator

TNC Predator brought in two exceptional players at the start of this season. One of them is kpii, the former Newbee member and TI finalist, while the other is March, a South Korean player with an exceptional understanding of the game. In their current format, TNC Predator is more or less at Vici’s level and should be expected to at least play in the Grand Final of ESL One Hamburg.

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