Fear returns to Dota, joins J.Storm

After 7 months of watching from aside, Clinton “Fear” Loomis has returned to professional Dota 2 after being invited to play for the 3rd strongest team in North America, namely J.Storm.

Fear’s past

Fear is perhaps one of the most well-known and accomplished Dota 2 players of all time. He’s been 3 times on the podium at The International and won the tournament once as a player. On the other two occasions, he finished in 3rd place, once as a player and once as a coach. All 3 appearances took place while he was playing for Evil Geniuses.

In total, Fear has won 7 big tournaments so far and has had top results at many others. He’s extremely versatile, having played multiple roles in his career even though his most remembered ones were carry and support.

Fear is a Dota 2 veteran and one of the oldest active players in this esport, being almost 31 years old. Throughout his career, he has displayed great skill and a deep understanding of the game, while his failures have often come as a result of an arm injury. It may sound strange for some people but yes, you can get injured by playing video games for too long.


© J.Storm


J.Storm is a fairly strong team from the North American region, having a roster made up of experienced players from North America and South Korea. And if there’s anything you need to know about South Koreans in esports, it’s that they’re insanely good. In Dota 2, their talents have been less visible, simply because Korea is almost entirely a League of Legends region. Practically, you’re pretty much a heretic if you play any other MOBA game in that region.

This is J.Storm’s current roster:

  • Moo
  • Bryle
  • FoREv
  • March
  • Fear

Before Fear joined the team, MiLAN used to be the 5th player and the position 4 support. Now, the former EG member will support the squad with his skills and seek to put the fear of Moo into his opponents, because he’s the carry who will be going Godlike in matches.

The roster as a whole looks very good. The two Korean players are former MVP Phoenix members and tier 1 competitors in terms of skill. Moo is a former TI finalist. Fear is a former TI champion. And Bryle is a decent, high MMR player, although you could make a case for him being the weak link in the line-up.


J.Storm will likely continue to remain the 3rd best team in North America for the time being, although we may see them climb in the global rankings in the months to come. Right now they’re sitting at number 11th with 120 points.

Once Fear and the rest of the squad have merged their playstyles into one and found their rhythm, this team has a lot of potential to get to 8 results at Majors and secure a direct invite at The International 2019.

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