MDL Disneyland Major Qualifiers: preview and analysis

MDL Disneyland will be the 4th Major of the Dota Pro Circuit and one of the last two chances for a lot of teams to score enough points and climb into the top 12. The event is scheduled to take place in May but the qualifiers are happening right now.


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Regional Qualifiers

Here’s a short analysis of the most important aspects of each region.


In Europe, the battle for the three reserved spots takes place between four serious competitors. There are others as well, but these four are vastly stronger than the rest. I’m talking about Team Secret, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas and OG.

At the recent DreamLeague Major, Team Liquid failed miserably while NiP had a short run as well. Only Secret performed well, but not as well as they did at the first two Majors of the season. They finished 4th though, which is not bad.

Of these four teams, OG is the weakest but they recently welcomed back ana, who is one of the best carries in the world. With his help, they might steal away one of the tickets from either Liquid or NiP.

North America

This is the most predictable region of the six, simply because Evil Geniuses, J.Storm and Forward Gaming don’t have a real competitor outside of this closed circle. So it’s almost a given that all of these teams will qualify for the MDL Disneyland Major.


Just like Europe, but probably even more so, China is filled to the brim with great teams. So the competition is real. Judging by the results and matches I’ve seen in the last few weeks, Vici Gaming, PSG.LGD and Keen Gaming are the main candidates. EHOME, RNG and Newbee are also strong teams, but they’re still underdogs compared to these three.


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Only two tickets are available for the CIS region and the main candidates are, Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere. All things considered, the winners should be VP and Gambit. However, Na’Vi’s strength is comparable to that of Gambit, so we might see them earn the second spot.

South America

In South America, Chaos Esports Club and Infamous are vastly better than anyone else, so there shouldn’t be much of a battle for the two spots that are available for the region.

Southeast Asia

In this region, Fnatic reigns supreme. But the second spot could be claimed by a number of teams. Among them, Minesky, TNC Predator and Tigers. Most likely, it should te TNC Predator who wins the ticket for the MDL Disneyland Major. But the race is open.