Post TI7 roster lock-ins for the best teams – Dota 2

The Dota 2 season has come to an end with the conclusion of the 2017 International. As the next season approaches and the deadline to submit the final rosters for many teams come to an end, some of the best teams have already locked in their roster changes. Here we take a look at what’s happened so far.

Team Liquid

As the winners of The International 2017, Team Liquid couldn’t be passed on the featured teams list. The clear winners of TI7, going 3-0 in the finals, Liquid are the undisputed champions of 2017.
TL has made no changes to their starting roster, keeping all pre-existing players which featured at T17. Looking at the history of their roster, it is evident they’ve attempted to foster talent internally and a lack of transfer activity comes with no surprise.


Their policy of nurturing and growing now some of the best players, with ‘MATUMBAMAN’, ‘MinD_ContRoL’ and ‘KuroKy’ all having joined at the same time in late 2015, has certainly paid dividends and undoubtedly helped ensure their success over the last few years.

Liquid have consistently turned up and performed well, and this isn’t expected to change in 2018 – their only downfall could, ironically, be from their lack of roster change, which may put them behind other teams who decide to foster new talent.

Team Empire

Empire had a fairly strong showing in this year’s TI7. They managed to place 7th-8th – an astounding achievement considering CIS teams are regarded as one of the weaker regions in competitive Dota 2.

As predicted, Team Empire has taken action to slightly change their line-up. They have replaced their temporary player, Resolut1on, who stood in as a replacement player during TI7, with a familiar
face – former Empire member, VANSKOR.

The deal also called for VANSKOR to take the role of Empire’s new in game leader / shot caller. A big gamble for the team considering VANSKOR has been out of the roster since 2014.
Overall this is a good move for Empire and betting fans alike – while this move may appear underwhelming for many, VANSKOR is a solid player and will certainly shake results and betting odds up.

Perfect for the neutral punter.

Team Secret

Team Secret has seen two members swapped out in the post TI7 shuffle. They were successful in poaching two top tier players: ‘Ace’ from Danish Bears and ‘FATA’ from Cloud 9.

puppey dota 2

Both Ace and FATA are considered some of the most skilled individual players in the scene, and with Secret’s strong leadership under ‘Puppey’, the acquired players will only get better as the years go on. A great team to look out for to get some easy bets in.

Esport betting fans, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any other Dota 2 roster changes here at A few key player changes can make all the difference for those all important bets.