Split Minor hype revived with AMD Sapphire Dota PIT Online

After the unforeseen cancellation of Split Minor, the folks over at Dota PIT took the alternative to host online regional games instead. Featuring two regions, firstly China, which concluded today and the EU & CIS regional happening on May 13th.

Previously, winners of Split Minor would be rewarded with a ticket to the EPICENTER Major. However, the 150,000 USD and 60,000 USD prize pool for EU & CIS and China regionals respectively, still take the cake.

Split Minor hype revived with AMD Sapphire Dota PIT Online

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Life as the Strongest Chinese Team in DPC

Yesterday, Vici Gaming overwhelmed PSG.LGD in the grand finals, with a 3-1 score. The gruesome best-of-5 series showcased what a major threat Vici Gaming is, living up to their reputation as the second best team in DPC leaderboards.

In game 3, Paparazi of Vici Gaming, played consistently as a hard carry Morphling and perfectly on-time itemization. The Ethereal Blade pick-up gave him a dangerous combo to instantly annihilate the most durable carries.

Despite the stomp, PSG.LGD still deserved credits for making it to the grand finals. Last month, PSG.LGD couldn’t even make it through the open qualifiers of Los Angeles Major. Here they are, playing in the finals that most fans didn’t anticipate.

The China Regional

Besides grand finals, the CN group deserve more spotlights, especially on EHOME. Between EHOME and Team Aster at lower bracket, EHOME performed an unbreakable high-ground defense against the latter. Although Sccc of Team Aster, held Divine Rapier on his Terrorblade, EHOME still managed to fistfight him thanks to Sylar’s lucky perma-bashes.

Unfortunately, heading into the semifinals, PSG.LGD finally put an end to EHOME’s lower bracket run. Chalice of PSG.LGD, landed a beautiful double Ravage on three , giving his team the opportunity to teamwipe the entire EHOME line-up.

OGA Dota PIT Online EU & CIS Regional

With CN regional concluded, viewers look forward to more intense games at EU & CIS region. And what better way to elevate the fun with some Dota 2 betting.

Thankfully, Dota PIT invited not only the world’s best teams but also several promising underdogs to rack up overwhelming Dota 2 odds. After all, Vikin.gg butchering Team Secret made interesting news headline than vice versa.

The teams playing include: Virtus.pro, Team Secret, OG, Alliance, HellRaisers, Navi, Team Liquid, Team Spirit, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Vikin.gg.

Powerhouse and Dark Horses

Team Secret, Virtus.pro and OG have been long-time favorites in most tourneys. However, being at the top doesn’t guarantee undisputable victories. Regardless, it would still be entertaining to watch Matumbaman of Team Secret, play against tier-1 teams of his caliber. Fan favorites aside, the recent dark horses emerging from the EU trench have caught watchers’ attention.

For instance, Vikin.gg recent third place victory at ESL Los Angeles, won them their biggest paycheck to date. Ever since, their clean sweep against Team Secret, the team has been labelled as a rising star. Meanwhile, Ninjas in Pyjamas recently picked up the Chicken Fighter roster after their incredible run in ESL Los Angeles. Thus, we can expect SoNNeikO and friends to perform yet another incredible feat at Dota PIT Online.

With OG and Virtus.Pro being in opposing groups, we are destined to watch a repeat of LA Playoffs, if both teams get through groups with ease. For teams Secret and Liquid it will be a trying tournament as they constantly try to edge over the favorites at every online tournament this spring.

Well then, it’s time to grab some popcorns and head over to the OGA Dota PIT stream to catch the action live! EU & CIS are always delivering insane nail-biting action and mild heart attacks. Do check out the selection of esports betting sites that even feature an exclusive esports bonus for us feisty betters!

Its all starts on May 13th!

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