DOTA Summit 9 Team Analysis before The International 2018

DOTA Summit 9 is the last tournament before The International 2018. The event brings together 6 teams and gives them the chance test some of their strategies in preparation for the most anticipated Dota 2 event of the year.

DOTA Summit 9 takes place in Los Angeles, USA between July 25th29th and has a prize pool of $100,000.

Dota Summit 9

Participants and tournament format

DOTA Summit 9 is attended by 6 teams from 4 regions: VGJ.Storm (NA), OpTic Gaming (NA), Evil Geniuses (NA), paiN Gaming (SA), Let’s Do It (EU) and Fnatic (SEA). At the end of the Group Stage, the top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs’ Upper Bracket while the next 2 teams advance to the Playoffs’ Lower Bracket. The Playoffs will be played in a double-elimination bracket format. Every match will be a Bo3 series with the exception of the Grand Final (Bo5).

Team analysis

OpTic Gaming

For a team that was created less than a year ago, OpTic Gaming has had a very good season, ending the Dota Pro Circuit in 9th place with 1800 points. Clearly, with ppd as its captain, OpTic has become a formidable force on the Dota 2 professional scene and should be regarded as a top contender at any event.


Let’s Do It (LDI) is actually the former Team Kinguin roster that got released a short while ago, on June 29th 2018. This is a fairly strong European team made up of experienced Polish players, but has little chance of winning against the opponents it faces at DOTA Summit 9.


VGJ.Storm went into this tournament as the absolute favorite to win it and so far so good.

VGJ Storm

Overall, VGJ.Storm ended the Dota Pro Circuit in 10th place, with 1347 points. Its performance in recent months has been exceptional though, and the team’s roster definitely has what it takes to get top placements at big events.


Fnatic is probably the second best team in the SEA region, having finished the Dota Pro Circuit in 12th place (1265 points) and playing with a roster full of superstar players. Fnatic was also the finalist of the previous edition of DOTA Summit, but so far it has lost a lot of games at DOTA Summit 9.

Evil Geniuses

EG’s new roster is starting to show clear signs of strength, as the team defeated VGJ.Storm and drew against LDI on the first day of DOTA Summit 9. EG had also placed 2nd in the North American qualifiers for The International 2018, asserting its dominance against most of its regional rivals.

Evil Geniuses Summit Dota 2

With s4 and Fly as its newest members, Evil Geniuses looks set for a Grand Final at this event and likely a top 8 finish at The International 2018.

paiN Gaming

Instead of having a fairly strong roster, paiN Gaming is still significantly weaker than the likes of VGJ.Storm and Evil Geniuses. So I don’t see this South American team getting more than a 4th place finish at this event.

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