Team B8 and Dendi’s glorious comeback halted by DDoS attacks

B8’s recent victories had fans in awe who were hopeful of Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s glorious return to the professional scene. Unfortunately, disaster struck when Dendi was DDoS-ed in multiple games, leading to the detrimental loss for B8. Its not the first time Dendi gets DDoS-ed, but this one must be the most painful one.

Team B8 and Dendi’s glorious comeback halted by DDoS attacks

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Recent DDoS attacks on Dendi

The International 2011 champion, Dendi, tweeted out to express his ingratitude towards whoever DDoS-ed his internet connection. Fortunately, the attacks did not sabotage B8’s game directly. Although it did cause Dendi some hassle and inconvenience, a default forfeit would have left a much bitter taste.

In the good ol days Dendi got DDoSed a lot. A famous match between EG and NaVi nearly 6 years ago was canceled two times over it. Regardless, it’s undoubtedly displeasing to know that there are parties out there who want Dendi to lose so badly.

Straight out of a losing streak and into the lag

Dendi’s case of DDoS could potentially be another case of third-party attempts to rig game outcomes in their favour. After all, it was only recently that B8 begun raking victories at the BEYOND EPIC tournament. B8’s odds became lowering too much, so sabotaging Dendi’s internet would definitely cripple B8’s chance of winning.

Last month, B8 broke the world record for the longest losing streak in professional DOTA 2 games. Former B8 player, Steve “Xcalibur” Ye wrote a tweet about his time with B8. According to Xcalibur, he clarified that B8’s failure was in no way due to players playing awfully, but it was just unfortunate circumstances.

Due to Dendi’s popularity, B8 was consistently invited to major tournaments such as ESL Los Angeles and Pushka League. These tournaments boasted prize pools of 200,000 USD and were considered as tier-1 tournaments. Alongside B8, the tournament consisted of prominent teams such as Team Secret and Nigma.

Eventually, the piling losses that B8 suffered broke the players’ team morale, and the entire roster was released on May 27.

The Losing Streak ends!

On June 7, B8 announced the all-new roster that they hope to break their losing streak. The roster was still led by Dendi himself, being the seasoned veteran of the bunch, alongside several young blood. Besides Dendi, the rest of the roster never debuted in a full-fletched LAN tournament before.

While the new roster announcement was met with fans’ praise and anticipation for Dendi, neither were there any expectations on B8 to win games. Yet, history was made when B8 won the series versus FlyToMoon 2.0 in the group stage of BEYOND EPIC tournament. On top of that, they even secured a spot in the playoffs!

However, that was the beginning of the DDoS attacks, causing B8 to lose 2 crucial games, leading to their inevitable elimination. Nevertheless, B8 fans continued to show words of support for B8 to persist further.

Either player poaching or a bright future awaits

While this might be a start of a new winning streak. This also invites the notorious CIS poaching madness.

B8’s first roster was initially a team of promising all-star players recruited by Dendi. Back then Zaur “Cooman” Shakhmurzaev was B8’s carry player. Cooman showed phenomenal performance in their games, and the team went on to lift their winner’s title at the Rivalry Winter Blast tournament held in December 2019.

Soon after, caught wind of Cooman’s talents at a time when they weren’t in better shape themselves. Cooman was soon recruited into’s active roster. They also got away with their scheme since Cooman did not have any contract with B8 yet.

We hope this time around, B8 will contract their players.

Putting aside the disappointing events that occurred during B8’s timeline, B8’s moment to reign might be sooner than we predicted. Dendi may not have a spot on Dota 2 best carry player, but for what it’s worth, he is a living legend in my books. Until B8 becomes a relevant candidate in Dota 2 betting, here’s a reliable niche market for Esports odds and several Esports bookmakers that offer excellent deals.

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