Team Spirit reject TI $25,000 Prize Pool boost from Eva Elfie

In a move that underscores the complexities of sponsorship and funding in esports, Team Spirit, the champions of The International 2023 (TI12) declined a $25,000 USD contribution to their prize pool from content creator Eva Elfie. This decision came despite the TI12 prize pool being notably smaller this year, sparking discussions within the Dota 2 community.

Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie is a big Dota 2 supporter!

Eva Elfie gets rejected, but may still have a way into Dota 2 esports

During the TI Main Event, Eva Elfie had announced her intention to donate all her earnings from OnlyFans, starting from October 27th, to the TI12 prize pool. Her initiative was a response to the community’s concerns over the reduced prize pool and viewership. Despite raising $20,000 through her platform and adding $5,000 of her own funds, Team Spirit chose not to accept the donation, likely due to the nature of the funds’ origin.

Spirit secured $1,432,555 from the tournament, and the addition would be a drop in the bucket. Despite this, it still opens a dialogue on the acceptance of funds in competitive gaming, particularly from sources outside the main event prize pools.

Elfie has since sought community input on whether to redirect the funds to the second-place team, Gaimin Gladiators, or to support a separate tournament, even one she organizes. We may end up with a unique Eva Elfie Dota 2 event soon funded directly through her other content work.

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