DPC WEU Regional Finals – Ez for Liquid or OG resurgence?

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) Western Europe Regional Finals couldn’t be more exciting with three wildcards. Besides team OG being renowned for their two-time International title, fans certainly did not expect Team Tickles, Tundra Esports, and Team Liquid to be part of the select four.

Are we in for for the start of a new OG era, or does Liquid have this season bagged?

Team Liquid vs OG

Liquid and OG are household names in EU, albeit both have undergone drastic roster changes since the season began.

Team Liquid was once led by the former Alliance roster, under the leadership of Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi. However, the four-year-old roster finally ended their alliance after missing TI10, a repercussion of their poor performance. The decision to bring Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen and Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg is a valuable move as we see Liquid rose back to the standards.

OG, on the other hand, revamped their entire roster, setting up a new line-up of young blood. Despite the early disapproval, OG delivered more than expected, shocking fans and opponents alike. As a cherry on top, they dealt the final blow to Team Secret in the fourth-place tiebreaker, halting Team Secret’s run in Tour 1.

Betting on Team Liquid vs OG

On paper, Team Liquid is undeniably the favorite over OG, as they ended their Division 1 run at first and fourth place respectively. The Dota 2 odds favor Team Liquid at x1.74 versus OG at x2.04 returns. Nonetheless, the odds margin isn’t too massive to consider betting on OG, a lost cause.

The series was a heated battle as both teams attempted to one-up one another during the two rivals’ encounter. In the decisive third game, Liquid narrowly defeated OG after a devastating hour-long endeavor. Thus, the series having Over 2.5 Total Maps is likely at x1.93 returns. Alternatively, betting on Correct Map Score of 2-1 in favor of Team Liquid can root you x3.44 returns.

Besides iNSaNiA’s drafting expertise, the support player specializes in clutch saves and healing heroes, such as Dazzle, Io, and Oracle. We saw how impactful iNSaNiA’s Dazzle was at protecting his allies from death, where Liquid ended the game 26-5 in kills. In most scenarios, OG should have already learned their lesson and be giving respect bans on iNSaNiA’s signatures. Expect the Match Total Kills for a complete best-of-three series to be over 142.5 kills, returning x3.26 profit.

Team Tickles vs Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports certainly didn’t strike us as a potential candidate in the top seeds, but here they are in their glory. That said, it isn’t an overnight success for Tundra, whose roster has played together for a year. The team features experienced veterans in the scene, namely Adrian “Fata” Trinks, who’s the mastermind of Tundra. On a similar note, Tundra Esports’ decision to sign the players until 2024 is already paying off dividends.

Arguably the biggest wild cards in the entire tour, Vikin.gg returns to DPC2021-22 as Team Tickles. A keynote, however, is that it’s not the complete Vikin.gg line-up anymore. Tickles included a new literal ace for the season, Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard as the new offlane player.

While mid-players converting to the offlane role isn’t out of the ordinary, Ace’s pace to become an offlaner was distinct. His vast hero pool enables him to have flexibility in countering his opponent’s hard carry lane, which he typically plays aggressively. The rest of Tickles are prodigies in their own rights, so Tickles didn’t take long to become a worthy opponent in DPC WEU.

Betting on Team Tickles vs Tundra Esports

Although both teams are regarded as wild cards, Tundra Esports seemingly has better odds at x1.44 versus Team Tickles at x2.7 returns. What’s baffling is that Tickles defeated Tundra once in Division 1, so the odds in favor of Tundra are questionable. Perhaps Tundra’s seasoned stack is still the go-to in Dota 2 Betting since Fata is reputable veteran. Anyhow, another similar betting market is in Total Maps to be over 2.5 since both teams are relatively even in performance, which returns x2.03 odds.

Tundra often lacks a strong combo and is very late game-oriented. Old-school drafts require proper midgame execution because late-game carries, such as Terrorblade are a glass cannon without a sustainable team. Tickles, boasting a more aggressive playstyle, would be the likely winner for Race to 10 Kills, rewarding x2.08 returns.

Another interesting bet is on the Map Duration, which should last more than 38.5 minutes, returning x2.35 odds. Tundra typically takes games slowly, so even if they lose, their average match length is approximately 38.5 minutes.

It’s a season of underdogs and fans are loving it. For the most part, all the candidates are fresh teams that aren’t already a long-time powerhouse, which goes to show that the Dota 2 scene is as volatile as its playerbase. I do expect Team Liquid and OG are the overarching favorites, and expect them both to meet up in the finals on top of their their initial duel.

The DPC WEU Regional Finals aren’t the only matches happening during the week as Southeast Asia and South American Regional Finals will also be running their course. Catch these exclusive odds on GG.BET.