Dr Disrespect’s Game Revealed As Intense PvPvE Extraction Shooter

Last year, Dr Disrespect announced the foundation of his AAA game development studio, Midnight Society. In the months that followed, several revelations took place, including the borderline controversial news that both the studio and the game would be built around an NFT ecosystem. However, we’ve not heard much about the first game coming out of Midnight Society – until now. It was recently revealed by the team that what’s coming is a ‘competitive PvPvE first-person shooter’.

In a press release, the Midnight Society crew spoke about the birth of ‘Project Moon’, a ‘vertical extraction shooter’. As a game, Project Moon is said to be a perfect fusion between the classic arena-shooter level design and more modern battle royale player counts. There will be ‘session-to-session’ gameplay mechanics that are inspired by the greatest extraction-based shooters out there, a genre that Dr Disrespect himself has been enjoying more and more of late.

So, what’s the full breakdown on Dr Disrespect’s all-new PvPvE shooter?

Introducing Project Moon


For months, tens of thousands of gamers and fans of Dr Disrespect have been applying for – and minting – their ‘Variants’. These are the NFT characters that grant players their ‘Access Pass’, which in turn permits them behind-the-scenes access to Project Moon. Since Midnight Society was founded last year, players have been eagerly awaiting news on the first title to be developed by the studio, and it’s just now that details are being revealed.

In recent months, hardcore PvPvE titles like Escape From Tarkov have been gaining immense traction in the gaming industry. These make up the ‘extraction shooter’ genre, with players loading into a ‘raid’, looting as much as they can, completing tasks, fighting other players and AI enemies, and escaping the map. It’s an extremely popular niche at the moment, with exciting, upcoming titles like Marauders (Team17) emerging into the space.

There are even rumours that Modern Warfare II (launching October 2022) will boast a PvPvE mode much like Escape From Tarkov, and now, Project Moon.

Here’s what we know about Dr Disrespect’s first game:

  • Will boast high player counts akin to those found in battle royale games.
  • Focused on verticality, which could potentially include parkour mechanics.
  • Players will have access to a customisable hideout that includes shooting ranges.
  • Snapshots will be made available to Access Pass holders, giving them insights into ‘slices of key aspects of the game’.

The Man Himself


Dr Disrespect enjoys Tarkov in front of an audience of tens of thousands of gamers.

While Dr Disrespect still frequents the ‘money-making’ titles like Call of Duty Warzone, he has spent plenty of time streaming the likes of Escape From Tarkov in recent months. It was just weeks ago that Tarkov experienced a ‘wipe’, which is essentially a reset of the in-game world. Following this wipe, Tarkov rocketed to the top spot on the Twitch viewership charts, with Dr Disrespect streaming the game live on YouTube.

It’s possible the Doc is taking inspiration from Escape From Tarkov, as it is the leading game in the niche. However, while Escape From Tarkov is focused on small, tactical player counts, Project Moon is likely to feature sprawling, open maps, and player counts that could go into triple digits.

More information on Project Moon will be made available following the L.A. Founders Event, scheduled to take place on the 29th of July.