DraftKings Esports April Achievements to Unlock

Popular fantasy esports site DraftKings added achievements to their repertoire – for this entire season, you can boost your status by completing achievements. These achievements are broken up into milestones, and you have the whole month of April to complete the first batch.

DraftKings Esports April Achievements to Unlock

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DraftKings Achievements

The concept is pretty straightforward. Keep participating in your daily fantasy esports activities and unlock achievements based on performance. DraftKings achievements will count your prograss toward the completion of a milestone.

The achievements are pretty standard. ‘Fantasy Esports Ironman’ for example requires you to play in any paid esports contest every day in April. Other milestones include things like “Rift Smurfing” which tracks 100 kills across paid LOL contests this month.

Senor VAC” is a similar concept – it tracks 400 kills in paid CS:GO contests this month. These achievements are meant to make the DraftKings competitions feel a little more like personal achievements. The right picks in fantasy plays really make a difference here.

They’re focused around League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League Fantasy and eNAS, tracking automatically the performance of participating players and helping them keep an eye on their achievements. The rewards are simple – 10 crowns. Players can claim their crowns within 24 hours of a contest being paid out, and then for 30 days after the end of the program. In other words, within a day, your reward will become available, and you can claim it for the entirety of May.

Tracked steps

After you’ve completed the first stage of, say, Senior VAC, you’ll unlock another level – this one will track to 1000 kills. Don’t worry, you won’t have to start over; it’s only another 600 kills you need, rather than a full thousand on top of the first batch.

You can complete as many or as few achievements a day as you want – if you have a particularly great day, you can absolutely complete multiple milestones per day. You have until April 30th to complete them. After that, your contributions will no longer count.

The DraftKings achievements aren’t something you need to participate in – you can just keep using the platform as you have been if you aren’t interested. If, however, you want to participate in the new achievements program, you can do so.

The rewards

You’ll receive varying amounts of crowns for participating in the achievements. If you’re not familiar with concept; Crowns can be redeemed in the VIP store for contest tickets and merch as well as some apparel. Be aware though, that your crowns aren’t 1:1 to real cash.  You will need 550 crowns to exchange for $1 dollar. With rewards in the tens of thousands of crowns though, you can definitely chip off some costs, especially if you manage to win big in some of your competitions!

Please always gamble responsibly. And always remember to read the FAQ.

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