DreamHack Atlanta MTG Showdown to take place this November

The next major Magic: The Gathering (MTG) tournament is now set, with known esports production company DreamHack taking the charge as the host of the event. Now called DreamHack Atlanta Magic Showdown, it will feature some of the world’s best MTG players fighting over Pro Tour and World Championship direct invites and a massive $130,000 prize pool.

The tournament will take place from November 18 to 20 this year in Atlanta, Georgia. The top 48 finishers of the competition will be receiving a direct invite to next season’s Pro Tour, while the top 2 finalists of the event will already be eligible to qualify for the World Championship.

DH ATL Magic Showdown

A Universe of Opportunity for Competition

DreamHack describes the event as: “The DreamHack Magic: The Gathering Showdown is a universe of opportunity for competition, community, and fun. From top competitors to new and casual players, there is Magic for everyone at DreamHack.”

This Regional Championship event will have a different format than its usual iterations. Day 1 would allow players to do last chance qualifiers to the event. Day 2 will do the usual swiss rounds, and day 3 will feature a single-elimination tournament for the top 8 of the event.

DreamHack Atlanta Side Events

But aside from the main Regional Championship tournament proper, two tournaments with a prize pool of $10,000 each will also be taking place alongside the main event. MTG artists will also be present at the event for a possible meet and greets, while cosplay and art competitions can also be seen all throughout that weekend.

As for Commander players, DreamHack also has something for them in the form of the Command Zone. Their description for this reads as:

“We love Commander at DreamHack!  We’ll have the Command Zone at DreamHack, dedicated hosts to help you have a great time relaxing with friends new and old, and we’ll also have special events available exclusively for our Command Zone players.  Our dedicated hosts can take care of your questions or event registration right there in the Zone so you never have to stop slinging spells while chilling with friends.”

Will your favorite player make it to the three-day event in Atlanta? For more details about the event, follow the link here. Make sure to follow us for more MTG news and updates as it happens.

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