Can anyone upset Heroic and Gambit in the DH Masters Spring Playoffs

Heroic and Gambit are two teams that just keep on giving as of late. After their recent epic head-to-head matchups, more action has followed with consistent dominant performances.  After having through the Group Stage of the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, these winners will face those who could not come out on top. With Natus Vincere facing Furia and G2 playing Astralis, this weekend is shaping up to be an exciting one. Let’s take a look at some storylines to follow for the upcoming games.

G2 vs Astralis

After having lost 2-0 to Heroic earlier in the tournament, Astralis look to bounce right back against G2. With the recent departure of the legendary star AWPer dev1ce, Bubzkji has stepped into the lineup. With impossible expectations and very few maps played, it is hard to tell how Bubzkji has or will fit into the team as of right now. However, he has hardly stood out as a breakout player. Perhaps due to the roster change, Astralis have been continuing their fall from grace with losses to OG, Furia and most recently Heroic. Having said that, Astralis still have four of the core five playing for them and you can never count them out.

Since the departure of kennyS and jaCkz coming in to replace him, G2 have found their form. Since being knocked out of EPL, they have gone a good run of nine wins and two losses, with one loss coming from Gambit. G2 has no single individual to thank for their success, it has been a success that can be attributed to all players meshing well together. With the big fraggers on the team being NiKo and huNter, they have certainly performed up to their ability recently. With NiKo continuing to use the SSG instead of the AWP in certain situations, it has become a staple of his game and is a reason for their success.

Expect this to be a close series with games played on Inferno and Vertigo. It is hard to make a prediction on this map, however G2 has been performing very well lately and for that reason a 2-1 for G2 seems to be a decent CSGO bet. Odds for this selection are round x3.50 across all esports betting sites.

Furia vs Natus Vincere

The Furia vs Na’Vi matchup is a fairly straightforward one. Furia has played rather consistently for a while now, beating top tier teams frequently and losing occasionally. Na’Vi on the other hand is the exact opposite. With their wildly inconsistent form it’s the same old story for them. However, this time there is a bit of a twist. B1t coming into the starting lineup could prove to be a game changer for the team. This is his time to prove that he can be more consistent than Flamie was. Since he is 18 years old, he is still green and has much to learn, and a fire lit underneath him to prove himself. Perhaps he is the fire that Na’Vi will need to develop the consistency they so desperately need.

Expect this series to go the distance, with many rounds played in each map. Due to Na’Vi’s terrorist side tendencies, they tend to play a lot more rounds in games they should win more quickly. Keep in mind, NaVi gains a Playoffs strength buff usually at later stages of tournament, which could spell a win after a hard fought battle. My call is usually to take my own CSGO betting advice and a 2-1 for Na’Vi seems like the perfect fit. Odds for this selection are around x3.50. Combined you are looking at ten fold return for a two-way slip.

Ahead of the pack

The Saturday matches will have Gambit playing the winner of G2 vs Astralis and Heroic playing the winner of Na’Vi vs Furia. With both of these teams skipping ahead due to having won their groups, they have shown what they are capable of and the form they are in. Expect both of these teams to win their series’ and play each other in the Grand Final. And the final should be a guaranteed 5 map fiesta.