Easy picks Monday at the PGL Major Antwerp European RMR

We start off another yet week of CSGO RMR matches leading into the next Major in Antwerp. The last two days have been hectic, but without too many surprises in terms of results and predictions.

I fully expect favorites to win out today with only a single twist on the ledger. Let’s dig into four hot match picks starting up the week.

Dignitas RMR Antwerp

Heroic vs NaVi

We all know that the opening matches in the Major qualifier are very tense. However, in the European qualifiers for PGL Major Antwerp, both NaVi and Heroic got fairly easy schedules up until this point.

One of these big favorites now has to make way for the other. Sadly, Heroic stumbles upon NaVi, a team they regularly lose to across all competitions. I don’t expect much to change here, and its suprising the CSGO odds are so rewarding considering their history.

Prediction: NaVi to win
Odds: 1.32

GamerLegion vs Dignitas

GamerLegion defeated fnatic a month ago and went on to lose most of their matches after. Dignitas fares no better with their only recent win being agaisnt C-tier teams like BLUEJAYS.

I still strongly believe Dignitas is a much better team, both individually and strategy-wise. They are also a brand that should not allow being beaten by such teams in a Major qualifier. The best thing about it is that the odds are too good to pass.

Prediction: Dignitas to win
Odds: 1.8


ForZe vs OG

This is by far the most interesting round one match scheduled. Both ForZe and OG are weren’t among the favorites to book a top-eight spot and advance. Both teams are coming with four and four win lose records. With OG, struggling a bit, especially on Ancient and Nuke, this match can easily be lost for them.

Most providers conisder OG heavy favorites, I’d advise playing a singles bet on ForZe to make three-fold returns.

Prediction: ForZe to win
Odds: 3.12

FaZe vs BIG

Last but not least, BIG gets to play the best team this spring, FaZe Clan. We have to include this match for the sake of our accumulator, but there is really no contest here.

FaZe is currently ther best team in the world, and we dont see BIG going beyond 8 rounds.

Prediction: FaZe to win
Odds: 1.2

Tying FaZe, NaVi and Dignitas into a three-way accumulator will earn you x3 returns over at GG.BET (the official PGL Major partner), on top of the singles selection for ForZe. One way or the other you are coming out a winner today.