EBN Esports City – Esports Business Network unveiled esports facility in Malaysia

The brand new EBN Esports City facility has just launched in Malaysia, becoming one of the largest gaming venues in the region. The facility, run by Esports Business Network, or EBN, is a 65.000 square-foot venue located at the top of the Quill City Mall in the capital Kuala Lumpur and is aiming to position itself as the premier location for both local and international esports events.

EBN Esports City - Esports Business Netrwork Malaysia


The almost million-dollar facility features the top of the line technology and supporting systems required to run world-class esports events, tournaments, and conventions. The headline facilities are the two event halls, the function hall, and the 1000 seat gaming stadium. Some of the other facilities designed to support esports events include a dedicated casting area, multiple streaming rooms, and green screen studios. A refreshment area is also available, as well as an esports café equipped with high-end gaming computers, the latest consoles, and racing simulators.

EBN plans to start holding several esports events at the Esports City facility starting in 2021, through partnerships with local esports groups, RIOT Games and other video game publishers. Beyond that EBN is also aiming to have Esports City names as one of the sporting venues the next time that Malaysia hosts the SEA Games, through its talks with the Malaysian Esports Election Committee.

Adrian Gaffor, the CEO of EBN has also stated that Esports City’s growth and plans are aligned with Malaysia’s National Esports (2020-2025) Blueprint. This is thanks to its mission to future-proof the esports ecosystem by encouraging new opportunities that EBN has been part of for almost two decades and that is poised to resume rapid growth after the pandemic.

“Having been part of the fast growing esports industry for close to two decades, we believe it is opportune to expand our offering and introduce a fresh concept to the market for both brands and communities.”

EBN Esports City Green Screen Room


EBN Esports City Training Room


EBN and company

While the new Malaysian facility is huge, it’s hardly the first of its kind – large esports cities and facilities have been popping up all over the world. Even specific esports teams have headquarters larger than some small towns – for example, the Oh My God Headquarters in Shanghai China measures a cool 22.000 square feet.

A similar size to the EBN facility is the Fusion Arena in South Philadelphia – it measures 65.000 square feet and cost $50 million to build. One of the largest facilities in the world at the moment is the Esports Stadium in Arlington Texas – completed in 2018, the 100.000 square foot space is the biggest in the US, and a top contender worldwide – and more facilities are being developed and built each day.

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