ECHO, RSG atop standings before LAN event – MPL PH Season 9 Week 2

The 9th season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL PH) continues to roll and this past weekend saw Week 2 of the competition wherein some strong contenders proved to be a force to be reckoned with. But also, some well-established teams are still seeing no wins, though it is still the early stages of the tournament.

Here are some of our featured MPL PH Season 9 teams who triumphed against their opponents.


MPL Philippines Season 9 Week 2

ECHO and RSG staying clean

One of our featured teams for this week in MPL PH Season 9 is the ‘super team’ of ECHO Philippines. This week, they played their much-anticipated matches with other strong competitors – TNC Pro Team and Blacklist International the MPL PH seasons 7 and 8 and M3 World Champions.

ECHO vs TNC did not disappoint. Though the super team suffered their very first game loss of the season, they still managed to keep their pace and won in the end after scoring a 2-1 victory. They also dismantled Blacklist International’s gameplay in their match, displaying total dominance by notching a 2-0 sweep. Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno led the way with his Lancelot in game 2 against Blacklist, scoring 3 kills and 2 assists as early as 5 minutes in the game. Now, ECHO leads all teams with a 4-0 match standing, 11 game points, and has the no. 1 spot in the tournament so far.

RSG Philippines continues to stay clean as they finished week 2 with a spotless 6-0 match standing while scoring 9 points on their perfect 9-0 game win-loss record. They are quickly becoming the new team to fear, at no. 2 spot in the overall rankings so far in MPL PH season 9.

RSG both scored a dominant 2-0 sweep against MSC 2021 champion Smart Omega, as well as against their match with MPL PH season 6 and M2 world champion Bren Esports. Eman “Emann” Sangco of RSG bagged the week 2 MVP honors, with the gold laner averaging 4.00 kills, 0.25 deaths, and 4.75 assists. The team is now tagged as the “kingslayers” of MPL PH, though a  matchup against ECHO super team would definitely bring the best out of them.

Both teams are set to face each other this weekend:

Teams to still look out for season

This week 2, other teams who also made waves include the now third place Nexplay Evos who outlasted both Bren Esports and Blacklist International. They now have a match win-loss record of 3-1, game win-loss of 6-3, and 8 total points. TNC on the other hand is sitting at 4th after losing their only match this week against ECHO, with them now holding a 2-1 match record, 5-2 game win-loss, and 7 overall points. Smart Omega and Bren still remain winless and both teams are currently zero in terms of points.

The big return to “LAN”

One major change coming to Week 3 is the LAN setting of the tournament. Starting this Friday, MPL PH season 9 will now take place in an offline setting. This is a big game-changer of some sort for sure and teams with more LAN experience might stand up against those who are just new to this setting. But still, will your team make it to the finals and be crowned as the best MLBB team in the Philippines?

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