Echo takes down Jailer, wins the Race to World First after 18 days

Echo Esports, the best European WoW raiding guild, finally put down Zovaal in his place and claimed the World First Trophy. After 18 days and over 1000+ wipes across the board, the race is finally over.

Echo jailer RTWF

There is plenty to say about the length of the race, the ill preparedness of guilds to commit to it, and the challenge Blizzard put in front of the world elite. But for now, let’s focus on the monumental task of taking down the Jailer and the absolute dominance Echo showcased in the final 72 hours of the race.

Echo does not mess around

It was an absolute pleasure watching players coordinate through the five phase fight and stay on point throughout each milestone. We could go through the entire fight and all the “sheet” the players had to deal with, but it’s better to just wait for Echo to release the official kill video.

The secret phase was finally confirmed last night as we predicted hours before. It was the most “call” intense part of the fight, as several events could not be predicted, while the lack of testing did give out some heart breaking wipes to Echo. Nevertheless, we have give gives special kudos to Scripe and the entire Echo analyst team for making on fly adjustments and not malding each time Perfecto spoke.

Finally, lets simply enjoy the absolute nerdgasm as the Jailer finally folded:

Absolute madness!

Race for World 2nd is hot after Liquid folded

We are likely going to wait until after reset for all other guilds to clear the instance. Echo seemed nearly 30 hours ahead of everyone else in terms of progress. Furthermore, Liquid announced they will be ending their commitment to the race early and continue on Monday. This means, next Jailer should go down on Tuesday/Wednesday the earliest.

The race for World 2nd continues for Liquid, Method, SK Pieces, BDGG, Aster and co.