Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 5 Predictions

Eden Malta Vibes is back at it again for Week 5 of the event. Three champions from our previous four weeks are present making Week 5 an interesting event for CSGO betting. It’s also that time of the week again, when we analyze the groups and make our weekly predictions for the group stage and playoffs at this event.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup

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Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 5 Recap

Only 19 participants were announced for Week 5 of the event. One team likely cancelled and the organizers are still scrambling to find the last team in Group D while the tournament is on-going.

Group A concluded yesterday Week 1 winner Nordavind and HONORIS advanced to Playoffs ahead of Cr4zy and newcomer S-Gaming. It was the first time HONORIS made it out of groups at an Eden Arena Malta Vibes event, and it was also a first for CR4ZY going out of the event before playoffs rolled around. That was a little bit of an upset all on its own.

Group B is set to compete today with Apeks, AVEZ, Navi Junior and Gambit Youngesters going at it. It is the most evenly matched group at this weeks’ cup with every team having a shot at advancing forward. The likely winners are Apeks and Gambit Youngsters. Ever since Apeks signed Dennis “dennis” Edman the team has been performing admirably. Gambit on the other hand dominated last week and would be the top favorites this weekend. They did however sign Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov to the roster just two days ago and might be stuck geling together this week.

Group C features Tikitakan, GamerLegion, Syman and Hard Legion Esports. This is tough group to call due to Syman being extremely inconsistent and relatively no information about Tikitakan. Hard Legion is an absolute favorite, especially if Dmitry “rAge” Bolotov has a decent day.

Group D only consists of ALTERNATE aTTaX, Budapest Five and the Lyngby Vikings. The fourth team is not yet settled and we are not sure if there will be one showing up by the time Group D gets to play. As the group stands AaTTaX is the favorite for the group and the entire event, especially after their dominating showing in Groups in Weeks 1, 2 and 3. Second place should go to the Lyngby Vikings unless Budapest Five has a really good showing for the first time at Eden Arena Malta Vibes.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 5 Predictions

We have a slightly different betslip for you compared to the previous two weekly predictions. Based on our group overview some favorites are clearly ahead of the others. This makes creating an accumulator bet slip viable. Our selection features the opening group stage matches in all three remaining groups. All selections are on outright match winners. The winning selection will be market in bold.

AVEZ vs Apeks @ 2.01
Gambit Youngsters vs Natus Vincere Junior @ 1.35
Hard Legion vs GamerLegion @ 1.35
Alternate aTTaX vs Budapest Five @ 1.27

Total Stake: 10.00 EUR
Odds: 4.31
Payout: 43.08 EUR
Betting Site: Loot.Bet

Finally, for those interested in guessing the tournament winner outright; Alternate aTTaX is the main favorite.

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