Elisa Champion of Champions announcement is a power move to behold

Elisa is partnering with Relog Media, Funspark and GRID to create a circuit from 2021 through 2022, is a new ray of hope for the amateur teams. The joining of forces of these companies will produce several tournaments through now-2022 with a total prize pool of 2.7 million. It looks to help teams throughout the entire tier 1 and tier 2 who are relevant to the European scene.

This is great news for some of the European teams not affiliated with ESL Pro League or Flashpoint. It will give them an opportunity to get their names out there, build their brands and make some money. Furthermore, the new circuit and prize fund can slowly edge out to compete with big tourney organizers like BLAST and ESL if the competition gains momentum.

The CSGO scene is currently going through an interesting period of change. There has been an increasing number of online tier 2 tournaments, meaning more opportunity for up and coming players to break out into the scene.

Elisa Champion of Champions Events

With GRID scoring data being used to rank the teams in the circuit, there will be different types of tournaments where teams can build up points. A quarterly invitational tournament will sport a 400k total prize pool, with the winning teams being invited to a 250k dollar tournament. Points will be awarded through results in online and LAN events. This determines future placement and invites.

A total of 2,7 million USD Prize Pool has been pledged towards the events in following year. Teams will play in both online and LAN environements to collect circuit points towards the Elisa Champion of Champions tournament in 2022. This is where teams with the most points will battle for the title of the Champion of Champions.

Here is a summary of the Elisa circuit they have provided for the public:

Qualification Stages (2021-2022)

  • Home Sweet Home tournaments ($1,200,000 total prize money)
  • Elisa Invitational tournaments ($400,000 total prize money)
  • Funspark tournaments ($330,000 total prize money)

LAN Stages (2022)

  • LAN Sweet LAN Masters tournament ($250,000 total prize money)
  • Elisa Masters tournament ($250,000 total prize money)
  • Funspark ULTI Grand Finals ($300,000 total prize money)

Plenty of these tournaments are already featured in our Esports News section, and our daily CSGO betting predictions. Now the teams will just get the added benefit of also competing in a circuit apart from the scrappy prize funds.

Opportunity for Auxiliary Content

Pasi Lindqvist, Senior Business Designer from Elisa, has put an emphasis on how they have analyzed what the viewers and fans have enjoyed throughout 2020 and look to deliver a great product. They have a chance to do something similar to what Flashpoint, who ran some well thought out and entertaining content. They could expand on that and do deep dives on the up and coming talent. We could see these players grow as they start to become contenders with the best teams in the world. This would build storylines over the span of several years, assuring more interest in the tournament if done properly. This will have to be what makes them stand out if they are to make a splash in the scene.

In light of what has preceded, this is certainly something CSGO fans should be excited about. Above all, it provides some much needed stability in a time where so much is up in the air. If successful, this circuit could be another competitor of the likes of EPL and Flashpoint. The more leagues we have in the scene, the more exciting it will become overall. With some good content showcasing the players, a good sized prize pool and some good teams to match, the Elisa Esports Champion of Champions Circuit should be an exciting breath of fresh air for those who love CSGO.

Look for their first tournament to start in June of this year.